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About Homebase.

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By Liam Handa About Homebase Homebase was founded in 1979 and they opened their first store in Croydon, Surrey in 1981. Today, they have nearly 300 stores throughout the UK where they serve over one million customers every week. Section 1 The main activities of Homebase are Human Resources, Finance, Administration and IT Support, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Customer Service and Research and development. Homebase's main aims and objectives are: Aims * Make a profit * Provide goods and services to the local or wider community * Survive as a business or expand * Maximise sales or improve the quality of a product * Provide a highly competitive service * Provide charitable or voluntary services * Be environmentally friendly Objectives * Selling more of a product than the competitors * Providing more services then the previous year * Producing new goods or providing new services * Improving a service The ownership of Homebase is a PLC (public limited company) ...read more.


They also backup all memo's and make copies for future references by scanning them onto a computer instead of collecting them otherwise there would be paper everywhere and it would be hard to find a specific one. Homebase communicates externally mainly by using telephones, fax machines and letters. They would use letters for things which isn't urgent and important like ordering stock, they use fax machines to communicate with other companies about any ideas for products, sponsorships etc, they use the telephones for customer based calls like complaints so in conclusion they put the customers first by giving them a direct contact so they feel they are the main priority and the other businesses are second priority. Homebase's external influences are their business competitors, economic conditions and environmental constraints. *My communication evidence is attached* Section 4 Homebase's location is well suited for its popularity because if you look at the surroundings you see other big name shops like "Wickes", "MFI" and "DFS". ...read more.


On Saturdays and Sundays there is traffic congestions going to and from Homebase thus causing air pollution and noise pollution causing unsatisfied customers. Homebase's main competitor is Wickes it is only a couple of shops away from it too and is also within the same block of shops. In several ways they are helping each other out by using competitive services like prices which improves the company rapidly. They are both on advertising campaigns constantly but I think personally Homebase has that advertising advantage as they have the adverts with "Leslie Ash" which the public think are quite amusing. Homebase have to keep in mind about many law's to keep their employees safe and healthy away from disability, racial and sex discrimination and also keep their customers free from it here are the acts that affect them: * Employers Rights Act 1993 * Health And Safety Act 1974 * Sex Discrimination Act 1975 * Disability Discrimination Act 1995 * Race Relations Act 1976 ...read more.

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