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About the business - Venetian Ices LTD.

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Section 1: About the business Rajdeep Dosanjh My name is Rajdeep Dosanjh and I have been assigned to complete a tasks concerning Venetian Ices LTD. The tasks in which I have been ask to complete are to explain what a payment system is, different methods in which employees can be rewarded and recommend how different types of employees can be rewarded. I will also have to investigate the laws which affect a business which produces ice cream and write a report for the directors of Venetian Ices LTD advising them of their responsibilities. Furthermore I will also have to produce a leaflet to accompany the report, which identifies the most important laws for a business producing ice cream. The business first showed signs of evolving when Marco Polo took the recipe for ice cream to Venice. This period created the reputation the Italians have for producing superb ice cream. It was in 1948 when Toni Seghini travelled to London in order to create an ice cream factory, which predictably became a successful business venture. Toni started with a small factory which supplied ice cream to local retailers, during this period he also ran a ice cream sales van. Gladly for Toni, the sales of ice cream in the 1950's grew with a general upward trend. However, the ice cream industry has not been without some problems, one of which gave Toni the opportunity to extend the business to a considerable extent. During the early 1950's the government introduced a number of regulations, such as the food and drugs act (which became food and safety act in 1990). These regulations which soon were passed by parliament to become laws, affected smaller ice cream manufacturers as they were unable to produce the finance needed to accomplish these regulations. Toni was quick to react against these changes in law by forming Venetian Ices LTD, he did this by buying out many similar manufacturers, this expansion meant that Toni could develop both take home and impulse lines. ...read more.


This means that the sole traders accounts are not separated from their own personnel accounts. Therefore Toni is fully responsible for any debts the business may have. We call this unlimited liability. If in this case Toni has drowned himself into serious debts, then the people he owes money to (creditors), have the right to force him into selling his assets and personnel possessions to pay them off. Further more, there is also the disadvantage of his own personnel time being taken up in terms of drawing up his accounts and ordering stock to sell, this could tire out Toni and make him become un-motivated to work. An additional worry for Toni in this situation is that if he didn't have enough capital himself he'd be un-able to receive extra finance from one of his partners, and the bank would be in this situation an hard option as the banks can be often reluctant to invest extra capital to developing businesses. I would state that the option of taking up a sole trader position would be most suitable to people starting up a new business and people starting up a business which does not need much capital to be successful. Also in this type of retail business personnel and direct contact with costumers is vital, therefore a friendly atmosphere between costumers and owners would be a valuable asset. The business function I am most concerned with is the personnel department, this department deals with the employees, meaning it controls interviews with new employees, selecting staff for promotion, discipline within the company and who will receive bonuses for working well. As well as these responsibilities the function has the more important job of making sure the company workers are well motivated. They do this in many ways, a few of which are giving job perks e.g. company car, holidays and special bonuses. If however a vacancy occurs within a business, then it is the personnel departments' responsibility to attract and recruit the most suitable and most qualified staff. ...read more.


I will have to carry out this research in many ways, the most common situations will include me producing questionnaires, telephoning companies and searching the Internet for information. My tasks also include me locating the most suitable reward systems that Venetian Ices LTD can offer to their employees. The way I will complete this problem will have to include many similar techniques I will have to complete in order to find the most suitable pay systems e.g. questionnaires and telephoning companies. Another technique I will consider undertaking would be asking relatives and friends of their opinions of the most suitable ways they should be rewarded. The leagl problem I have been asked to complete will have to be approached rather differently compared to the pay and reward systems. With this problem I will consider searching the web for the most common and important laws concerning the production of ice cream, as well as questioning people qualified in law, over which laws constrain the production of ice cream. If I successfully complete these problems, then hopefully Venetian Ices LTD will be approaching many advantages. If I explain to Venetian Ices LTD which payment and reward system they should process, then their employees will be well motivated. This is an important aspect of employees, as a well-motivated workforce helps to raise productivity. This 'motivation' may also lead to employees having fewer days off work and having less grievances at work which can result in strike action. The law task has to be accomplished as it is vital for the companies production of ice cream. Therefore, Venetian Ices LTD's production of ice cream will be legal and safe for both employees and consumers. However if the laws are not made clear to Venetian Ices LTD, then they may occur problems which prevent them from being successful and maybe lead them towards closure. For example, if the standards of food making are not suitable within Venetian Ices factories, then the health authorities once notified may find the company unfit to produce ice cream and therefore stop production and the business making a profit. ...read more.

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