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Account of the Activity - Beneficial Finance, the place where I worked for my work experience.

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Account of the Activity Beneficial Finance, the place where I worked for my work experience was a one floor, quite a large main big office where most of the people worked and to the side there were a couple smaller offices, at the back of the main room there were a storage room and the staff room. Which was used quite regularly. The sort of work that Beneficial Finance do, is giving credit or loans to people who cant get them from major banks i.e. Barclays or Natwest. HSC bank works together with beneficial finance, the credit is given when a customer buys a product from a certain company most of the loans that were given were from Courts, the furniture shop. All the employees whilst at my working experience were welcoming and friendly, some were quite and just got on with their work, but some were quite outgoing and funny i.e. ...read more.


unions which represent clerical and professional workers, also there will be employment laws protecting the workers if something happens e.g. an accident. Whilst at Beneficial Finance I found out something's I didn't know about the company i.e. what it did and why they did it e.g. they give credit to people when purchasing items which are a fair bit of money and they do this because that some people cannot get loans from regular banks so they go to Beneficial Finance as the rates are cheaper. My overall opinion of where I worked it was not too bad, it was quite boring at times but it gave me an idea of working life, and made me realise that from that experience I wouldn't want to get into that type of occupation as it did not look very exciting. ...read more.


Here are some good points and bad points about asking the workers and picking up leaflets. Asking the workers Picking up Leaflets Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Get information first-hand form the workers. Interrupting workers whilst they may be busy. Get more information about the company. May not be allowed to take them as they are for clients. Gain confidence to approach people in the future. They may choose not to answer my questions. The information on them will be easy to understand. May take more than one and leave none for others. I think that I could Interview people about their work, ask for information, ask people to answer questionnaires, surveys, take photographs of the work place, look through leaflets, magazines, get minutes of meetings, phamphlets and charts. All information which will be collected would mainly be recorded on pieces of paper ready to be sorted out and then written up in neat as my coursework. ...read more.

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