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Accounting Info Sys Design & Strategy

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Acc Info Sys Design & Strategy Contents Page BACKGROUND 3 INTRODUCTION 3 REQUIREMENTS 4 POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS 6 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 7 APPENDIX 1: INTERNET SEARCH PROCESS 8 APPENDIX 2: DECISION TABLE 9 APPENDIX 3: NETWORK FLOWCHART 9 BIBLIOGRAPHY 10 Background As an ICT consultant, I have been contracted by Greenwich Construction Ltd, a general Builder operating from the out skirts of Greenwich for the past 50 years. The Greenwich Construction ltd is bidding for a number of Olympic Building Contracts. The Directors' believe that they do not have technical computer infrastructure or the knowledge to set up one. This is where I must aid them in coming up with requirements, and a solution to meet those requirements. Introduction In this report, I will explore how Greenwich Construction Ltd will be able to overcome these business difficulties and how to search the internet. In this fast-changing technological world, sometimes you are faced with some difficult choices. These choices that you make improve operational efficiency of the company. These choices could for example a choice of equipments. On today's market are multi-functional devices capable of hosting a broad range of applications for both business and consumer use. Such uses are, access to the Internet for e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging and Web browsing, as well as work documents, contact lists and more, which can be provided by PDAs and the ever-growing category of smart phones. These Mobile devices are often seen as an extension to our own computer. ...read more.


Firewall and encryption software must be install to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network and also coding and scrambling of message to prevent unauthorized access to or understanding of the data being transmitted and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for their emails, phone calls and their portable devices Wireless networking is easy to set up, and it's convenient, especially if you are on the move without your portable computer while staying connected. But because they use the airwaves, wireless communications are more vulnerable to interception and attack than a wired connection. Encryption is the number one security measure, but many wireless access points (WAPs) don't have encryption enabled by default. Although most WAPs support the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol, it's not enabled by default. WEP has a number of security flaws, and a knowledgeable hacker can crack it, but it's better than no encryption at all. Be sure to set the WEP authentication method for "shared key" rather than "open system". The latter does not encrypt the data; it only authenticates the client. Change the WEP key frequently and use 128-bit WEP rather than 40-bit. Greenwich Construction can also isolate their wireless network from the rest of the LAN. To protect their wired internal network from threats coming over the wireless network, they must create a wireless DMZ or perimeter network that's isolated from the LAN. That means placing a firewall between the wireless network and the LAN. Then they can require that in order for any wireless client to access resources on the internal network, he or she will have to authenticate with a remote access server and/or use a VPN. ...read more.


A user can use a stylus and operate the computer without having to have a keyboard or mouse. The benefit of a Tablet PC is its PC's compact, convertible design allows users to comfortably use your computer in small spaces-even while standing up. Tablet PCs also include wireless Internet support and a long battery life. Due to its convertible design, you can sit across the table from someone and take notes without having your PC act as a dividing wall. It's perfect for sales meetings, or any meeting in which you don't want technology to interfere with the personal dynamic. Appendix 2 shows a complete decision table for all the mobile devices Conclusion and Recommendation I recommend PDA because Greenwich Construction Ltd is most likely to meet the requirements for the Olympic bid. As shown from the decision table in appendix 2, it has the highest weighting. PDA is ideal for business meetings - multimedia sales presentation can be taken with you anywhere. It can provide Greenwich Construction sales or marketing staff with PDA's pre-loaded with professional multimedia presentations. APPENDIX 1: INTERNET SEARCH PROCESS Features Laptop PDA Blackberries Tablet PC Weightings (%) Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 Allows data to be shared between mobile devices e.g. Synchronising Paging No Yes Yes No 5 WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 Allows connection to internet via wireless access points QuandBand No Yes Yes No 10 QuadBand literally means four (4).It's to designate a phone that can operate in 4 bands GPRS No Yes Yes No 15 General Packet Radio Technology allows flexible data transmission rates (e.g. ...read more.

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