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Advertising and Consumer Behaviour Course Work - We hope to stamp the concept of low-carbon life further into the minds of children and young people. We want them to realize from the bottom of their hearts that low-carbon is closely related to their life.

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Introduction Nowadays, global warming and the changing climate become one of the most critical issues to every nation. It is a threat to everyone in this world as it can be considered as both a premise that the environment of the world as we know it is slowly, but certainly increasing in overall air and water temperature. A carbon footprint is "the total set of green house gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person." It can be emitted through transport, land clearance, and the production and consumption of food, fuels, manufactured goods, materials, wood, roads, buildings, and services. (UK Carbon Trust, n.d.) In order to prevent global warming and protect our environment, cutting carbon emission becomes every individual's obligation on this planet as many people have already noticed the impact of greenhouse gases on our world. The main objective of many environmental organisations is to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and this involves making changes in their personal, professional and everyday life. There is no one individual solution to the problem of global warming, but together with everyone's help, it is surely that we can make our environment better. ...read more.


To infuse the concept of low-carbon life to their minds at this stage will have an impact in their whole life. It is also a way of maximizing the effectiveness of advertising and reducing investment cost. Thirdly, children and the young people are a very special group that is easily distinguishable from other social groups (Distinguishable). Therefore, by catering to their unique characteristics, it is easier to adopt corresponding strategies in promoting low-carbon life (such as using cartoon characters as advertising images). Media Planning Objectives We hope to stamp the concept of low-carbon life further into the minds of children and young people. We want them to realize from the bottom of their hearts that low-carbon is closely related to their life. We should let them understand that low-carbon is a way of changing environment for the better, teach them to reduce carbon emissions and guide them to build a low-carbon life bit by bit. Strategy We will try to influence the behavior of our target audience from the following four steps. Understanding the graveness of problem - Identifying the sources of the problem - Learning how to reduce emissions - Accepting and Action First, publicize how carbon emissions have affected and endangered our life in order to attract the attention of our target audience (Attention). ...read more.


The posters may be about daily activities which can help to reduce carbon footprint. The posters should not be too similar; in case the young people are easily to get bored. The location of putting up the posters are also according to the target audience; schools, theme parks, toy shops and cinemas are all the places where young people would appear frequently. The graph below is a rough draft of the poster. Control and Evaluation Before the the advert put into use, a test trial perform is necessary. A randomly selected group of audience, in age group 7~16, will be invited to watch the advert in advance. The following questions will be ask after they finish. 1. What do you think of captain earth and his wish? 2. Are you for or against him? 3. If you support him, what will you do to fight against the evil forces? 4. What do you learn from the fragment? What you can conduct from the fragment? 5. Do you want watch more like this? Then, after put this into use, another survey will be introduced. The second one will include more questions besides the 5 question above. The additional questions is about coverage and their preferable time for TV program and the types of programs they like. ...read more.

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