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Aim of TescoOne of the company's aims was profit maximisation but as they have achieved this aim the next aim for them is to achieve is customer satisfaction. The objectives that will be used to achieve

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Unit 2 task 1 By Ricky Singh kapoor 2.1: Explain how the aims and objectives of the company may be achieved through planning and monitoring. Introduction Address: Delamare Road P.O BOX 18 Cheshunt Hertfordshire EN9 9SL United Kingdom Web Site: www.tesco.com Number Of Shares: 7,418,775,000 Sector: Distribution Industry: Mass market distribution Sub-Industry: Supermarket distribution Tesco are the leading supermarket in Britain With small grocery stores under the Tesco Metro brand name, big supermarkets outside cities (Tesco Extra) and 24-hour stores, the British Group, Tesco, is the king of supermarkets in Britain. Apart from being the national leader in the food sector, it is proud of selling everything to satisfy all its customers' needs (books, CD/DVD/mini-discs, hi-fi and household appliances, household equipment, flowers, wine, apparel) The list goes on and on. With an eye to the future, Tesco has adapted to the rapid technological changes. It makes an astonishing profit from its on-line sales site (Tesco.com). Tesco Express also owns petrol stations and provides financial services such as a joint venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland enables it to offer life insurance and general insurance e.g. home, car, pet and travel, credit cards and advantageous loan and savings schemes. ...read more.


An activity devoted to clearly identifying, defining, and determining courses of action, before their initiation, necessary to achieve predetermined goals and objectives The definition above was occupied from www.yahoo.com Strategic Planning Simply put, strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or more, how it's going to get there and how it'll know if it got there or not. The focus of a strategic plan is usually on the entire organization, while the focus of a business plan is usually on a particular product, service or program. The way that a strategic plan is developed depends on the nature of the organization's leadership, culture of the organization, complexity of the organization's environment and the size of the organisation. The definition above was occupied from www.yahoo.com The benefits of using strategic planning are to: 1. Clearly define the purpose of the organization and to establish realistic goals and objectives consistent with that mission in a defined time frame within the organization's capacity for implementation. 2. Communicate those goals and objectives to the organization's constituents. 3. Develop a sense of ownership of the plan 4. Ensure the most effective use is made of the organization's resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities. ...read more.


Monitoring Monitoring is another way to be confirmed that everything is going to plan so that all the objectives can be met. CPA is an essential tool for monitoring because by using CPA it can notify the amount of time it is going to take for the company to e.g. launch a product Here is an example of CPA for Tesco's aim: A. Understanding the market behaviour B. Identifying the product without good quality. C. Identifying the lack of service by the workers D. Rectifying the quality of products E. Training workers to provide better service to customers otherwise hiring new ones F. Producing the improved service to the customers G. Doing a questionnaire to the customers to find out if the service provided has improved. This is the way in which a critical path analysis (CPA) can be done. With the help of the CPA any company can easily monitor the achievements of the companies aims and objectives, which would help them in accomplishing their goals Conclusion After analysing Tesco's company brief and understanding their aims and objective I recommend them to use the method of CPA with planning and monitoring to help the achieve their goals. By following this method it would be very easy for tesco to do CPA, as they already are aware of the resources they have and know their aims and objectives. ...read more.

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