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Aims and Objectives of Tesco

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Aims and Objectives of Tesco What is an Aim An aim is something a business would like to achieve. A business may only have one aim but others may have more than one. In the private sector a business will aim to make a profit. Where as in the public sector a business would aim to make a profit where possible and also aim to meet strict expenditure targets. No matter what sector a business is in they always aim to provide a product or service to either their local community or to the wider community. If a business is having a hard time making profit they may simply aim to survive. If a business is doing well they may aim to expand their business. Frequently businesses aim to maximise their sales. This simply means selling as much as possible. Some businesses aim to have a very competitive service, so more people will use their service than their competitors. Now a high percentage of businesses aim to make their business as environmentally friendly as possible. Most businesses try to have as little aims as possible as it is easier to keep them on track because they can target their efforts more efficiently. What is an Objective Objectives are goals that a firm sets itself for the next three or five years. They have a timescale, they must be measurable and they must contribute to the business achieving its aims. Tesco Tesco is in the 'Private Sector' and provide goods and services. ...read more.


Cancer Research will work closely with their partners to achieve the following by 2020: Aims and Objectives Cancer Research UK aims * To cure cancer patients and eradicate cancer Cancer Research UK objectives: * Find new treatments and medicine to help patients * Understand how cancer starts and develops and improve their understanding of cancer Cancer Research UK aims * People will know how to reduce their risk of cancer Cancer Research UK objectives * Have more knowledge of the disease and be well aware of the kind of dangers to avoid such as smoking Cancer Research UK aims * Diagnose cancer earlier Cancer Research UK objectives * Two-thirds of all cancer cases will be diagnosed at a stage when cancer can be successfully treated As well as these aims, there are also other long-term detailed aims that CR-UK hopes to achieve; these are: 1. Three-quarters of the UK public will be aware of the main lifestyle choices they can make to reduce their risk of getting cancer Their objectives for achieving this aim are: * By developing and delivering innovative ways to improve people's understanding of cancer, for example by using local mobile information units * By supporting research of strategies and policies aimed at improving health awareness and reducing cancer risk * By piloting health awareness and risk reduction campaigns, and testing their effectiveness in raising awareness * Producing written and electronic materials that educate the public about cancer risks * Lobbying Government to promote health awareness and encourage healthy choices 2. ...read more.


Improving the lives of cancer sufferers has always been at the heart of Cancer Research UK. While there have been no major discoveries of any treatments or cures for patients yet, improving the lives of patients by helping them to lead a simple and hassle-free life is a main goal the charity wants to achieve. Cancer Research UK does not only want to help and assist patients in the UK, they also want to give a helping hand and their support to cancer patients all around the world. This is another reason for their great success and recognition as they do not want to witness cancer dominating the poorer countries of the world because they are a non-developed country. Cancer Research UK will do what ever it takes to extinguish cancer and will carry on its research and understanding until this world is free from such a dreadful disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people worldwide and for this reason, this is why continuing the fight against cancer is one of their aims. All the aims and goals of Cancer Research UK are geared towards caring and curing the many people affected by cancer which fits perfectly in the voluntary/not for profit sector of the economy. This charity as with other charities attracts many volunteers who are prepared to give their time freely, to achieve these aims and help this organisation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hussain Mousa ...read more.

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