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Aims and Objectives

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1.1 - Describe personal and employability skills and qualities which employees need? Employability skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well on a job. These are the skills, attitudes and actions that enable workers to get along with their fellow workers and supervisors and to make sound, critical decisions. Unlike occupational or technical skills, employability skills are generic in nature rather than job specific and cut across all industry types, business sizes, and job levels from the entry-level worker to the senior-most position. 1.2 - Describe your own skills, qualities and achievements A good listener who always wants to clearly understand instructions and undertake tasks in order to successfully complete duties, excellent communication skills with the ability to interact with people at all levels. Capable of speaking four different languages, will relish the opportunity of working within a team environment. ...read more.


1.4- Suggest areas of improvement? An area on which I would like to focus is managing others who have different expectation from me. What need to be done my order to complete responsibilities is intuitive for me. So I am learning how to give batter direction to others who are not self motivated. 2.1 - Find out about a range of potential job roles which interest you? This is the list of the job roles I would be interested in: * Supervisor = This role could be good for me because I have good communication and leadership skills. This role interests me because I have got the right skills for it. * Accountant = I am interested in this particular role because I believe I have the right skills for it such as, communication skills, I am also good at maths. ...read more.


Step 1: Get the details right Know when and where you're going. Find out who's going to be interviewing you. Make sure you have a job description. Find out the dress code - dress smart to play it safe. Step 2: Know your target Learn what you can about the company. Keep an eye on news in leading weeks for stories about them. Step 3: Know yourself Know yourself versus what they want. Find out what they want and match yourself with that. Quantify and qualify yourself. Finally, re-read your CV. Step 4: Prepare for the obvious questions Prepare for standard questions: strengths, weaknesses etc Step 5: Prepare questions to ask them What would you like to know? Their structure, promotion potential etc. But do not ask obvious questions you could have found out beforehand. ?? ?? ?? ?? Suhaib Bashir Unit 7577-411 (Preparation for Work) ...read more.

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