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Aims & Objectives

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Aims and objectives- Business plan I am going to produce my own business plan in order for me to evaluate the viability and feasibility of my trip. Don't write your aims and objectives at the beginning, write them after you fully explain what SMART is In order to carry out a successful and educational trip I need to set my self SMART Objectives. SMART targets are targets that are: * Specific: clearly identified * Measurable: can be quantified and tested to evaluate success * Achievable: my team is capable of meeting each objective * Realistic: can be expected to work in the project's market and regulatory environment * Timed: are amenable to the setting of a timetable of dates (explain what SMART is in more detail, use google if need be^^^) Ok, after you explain what SMART is, you can now write a short introduction like... 'In this part of my coursework, I am going to write up 3 aims and 3 objectives for each aim. The objectives for each aim have to be SMART like said previously.' Just an example of an introduction, reword it If u want. So I'll give you an example of aims and objectives just to give u a rough idea of how it's set out, change a few stuff if you want but I'm assuming you'll get the idea: Here is my first aim for this trip: 1) ...read more.


I and members of the team have allocated roles and we know what we are doing and once we complete our role we report as a group in a team meeting. Each member of the team is providing a service to the rest of the team. Marketing techniques: (the 4 P's) My product: is the trip to Cheddar Gorge, using a coach as our transport to get to our destination. We are going on the 30th of March. Place: Cheddar Gorge is located in Somerset, England. Price: I need to keep in mind the total price that the students are going to be charged. The price can't be too high so that students won't be able to pay. The price needs to be worth the trip so that it can still attract sufficient customers in this case i know that the price that i have been given for both the coach and trip is worth the money and students of the GCSE geography group will be willing to pay that amount. The amount that they would need to pat is a total of �18.50. Promotion: I need the trip to be the most successful and that it is bought to the GCSES geography student's attention and to raise their interest and desire and lead them to act by attending the trip as well as paying for the trip. ...read more.


Contingency plans and problem solving I'm including a contingency plan because things go wrong. The project may be carefully planned but some unforeseen occurrence may happen. I need to know: * What could go wrong * What would myself and team members do * What resources need to be held in reserve such as a budgeted amount of money or spare staff in case they are needed Timescale In time management i need to consider: * The importance of time management to achieved times objectives * Critical path analysis and its application to the project Critical path analysis is a tool that helps the scheduling and management of difficult projects. It helps with planning tasks that need to be done. For my project critical path analysis will be the basis for preparing the project schedule and planning the use of resources. During the management of my project it will allow the team members to monitor when the stages of the project have been successful for example monitoring the number of GCSE geography students who are actually paying for the trip. Critical path analysis can also help us to identify when actions need to be taken to put the project back into place after a problem has taken place. Critical path analysis of the trip to Cheddar Gorge ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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