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Aims,ownership and stakeholders of Tesco and UNICEF

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Assessment activity- 1.1 Unit 1- Range Of Different Businesses Introduction In this assignment I will carry out an investigation on two organisations. In P1, I will describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisation. The organisations I will be looking at are Tesco and UNICEF. In P2, I will describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of these contrasting organisations. P1- Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations. Tesco Business Activity Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. It is the third largest retailer in the world. It has stores in fourteen countries across Asia, Europe and North America. Tesco PLC is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer headquarter in Chestnut in the United Kingdom and it is the largest British retailer, inclusive of global and local sales. Tesco is the fourth largest supermarket chain across the globe, after America?s Wal-Mart and The Home Depot and The Carrefour of France. Tesco was a market chain of only food supplies, but now, it has expanded into markets such as electronic goods, selling and renting DVD?s, clothes, internet service, consumer telecoms, compact discs and music downloads. ...read more.


UNICEF is under the tertiary sector because they provide food, clothes and healthcare services to children in countries that had been shattered by the World War 11. It is present in 191 countries in the world. UNICEF Purpose-Not all organisations are set up to make profit. Many organisations are set up for different purposes. An example of this is UNICEF. United Nations Children Fund is a driving force that provides food, healthcare services like vaccines, and antiretroviral medicines for children and mothers with HIV, nutritional supplements, emergency shelters, and educational supplies. Their purpose is to also assist children and adolescents throughout the world particularly in devastated areas and developing countries. UNICEF believes that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress. It was created with the purpose in mind to work with others to overcome the problems that poverty, disease, violence and discrimination placed in a child?s way. One of their aims is also to give devastated children the best start in life, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person?s future. They also work to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people because they want to create a protective environment for them. ...read more.


Therefore it is very important they supply on time. Their main job is to sell fresh goods to Tesco. Employers Association- this people makes sure that both the owners and employees are happy and that they are receiving the right amount of money. The different stakeholders who influences UNICEF: Customers: the customers are the most important stakeholders. UNICEF?s customers want UNICEF to provide good goods and services. Employees- the employees are the people who work for the organisation. They are the ones that attend to the customers. They want an increase in their salary. Employees are expected to attend well to company?s customers. Suppliers- the suppliers are the people who supply goods and services to UNICEF. They supply services that UNICEF will give to their customers. Trade Unions- these represent the interest of groups of the owners and employees. They make sure that the employees are paid the normal amount of money they are supposed to be paid. In conclusion- I carried out an investigation on two organisations which are Tesco and UNICEF. I have explained the business activity in organisation, their purposes, their ownership and also the different stakeholders that influences them. Tesco is a public limited company that is owned by shareholders while UNICEF is a charity organisation that is set up to help people. . ...read more.

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