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AirTrafficControl - "The successful introduction of an information system is dependant on the comprehensive analysis of existing procedures"

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AirTrafficControl/casestudy "The successful introduction of an information system is dependant on the comprehensive analysis of existing procedures" The System Life Cycle stages are vital to the introduction of a new information system. They must all be carried out thoroughly. The specification section is a very important stage. Ensuring that every detail of the existing system is noted is essential for recreating the new system. A lot of research needs to be carried out in order to make the most of the new system. Employees on the data processing level must be consulted regularly, as the system will be used primarily by this group. This proved a problem for the Air Traffic Control system, as the designers did not consult the end users as much as they should have done. ...read more.


The implementation of the system is also very important, but it relies heavily on the design. Of course the actual production of the system is very important, but the backbone of production is the design section. By far the most important stage is the Analysis of the existing information system, with Design coming a close second. Any new information system relies on the existing principles of what the system does, the practical elements and also who is using it. This should all be covered before starting to build a new information system. Most information systems are designed for business. One of the most difficult things about business is competition. Information systems for business have to be of the highest possible specification (within budgets, etc.). Information systems must be 100% relevant to the business. They must be efficient and effective. ...read more.


Technology has to be chosen specifically to suit the original purpose of the existing system. For example, if the business works closely with other companies, then compatibility and portability of data is essential. Technology used should be implemented for as long a term as possible, but still allowing for upgrades and changes if needed. If an information system fails, it may be due to rushed implementation, as with the Air Traffic Control example. Unknown bugs may appear or become apparent during the using of the system. Backup systems must be implemented in order to make sure that, in the air traffic control case, aircraft do not start falling out of the sky, etc. The system must be analysed to an extent that such system failures are very unlikely to happen. If there is a particular area in which a problem may occur, this must be analysed in great detail in order to prevent any such problems. ...read more.

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