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All businesses have aims and objectives, as they are essential for a business to become successful. Any business that doesn't follow or try to achieve their aims is not successful because it hasn't succeeded with its plans.

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All businesses have aims and objectives, as they are essential for a business to become successful. Any business that doesn't follow or try to achieve their aims is not successful because it hasn't succeeded with its plans. A. An aim is what they set out to do and the objective is the target they want to achieve. Businesses have aims and objectives to help them fulfil their ambitions by setting targets of what they would like to achieve and to become more and more successful or established. A successful business normally has a good ability to have a clear vision of what they hope to achieve and how to plan for the future. Aims and objectives give a sense of direction to the employees and shareholders so that they can make an informed decision of whether they should work or invest money in the business. The aims and objectives are there to remind the employees, managers, directors etc of what they are trying to get to. There is a good point in setting objectives because if the business does not bother to check if the targets have been met and measure how successful it has been in meeting its objectives. ...read more.


It may also include a view of how it sees itself which is known as the business 'vision'. Tesco is one of the UK's largest independent retailers and the largest food retailer. It has recently expanded into Central Europe and Asia. It now offers retailing services including internet shopping and personal finances. Tesco's mission statement says that there core purpose is "To create value for its customers, to earn their lifetime loyality. Their aims are to make Tesco satisfying to work in by giving the staff opportunity to be themselves, to employ people who reflect the diverse nature of society by respecting and trusting each other, to play a positive role in the community, to contribute to the capabilities of tomorrows workforce, to protect the environment using its commercial strength, to ensure high standards in their entire fresh own brand products. Tesco has fulfilled all these aims. Tesco's target is to expand their sale of organic produce to �1 billion over the next 5 years. Tesco's aim is to make more profit by expanding more and more, there aren't many things left Tesco can do to expand as it has done most of it. ...read more.


Errol doesn't have a waiting room or a little area where the customers can comfortably wait. I would suggest the following changes about Tesco's aims and objectives. Tesco's mission statement states that their core purpose is: "To create value for its customers, to earn lifetime loyalty". If Tesco wants to achieve this then it will have to focus more on its aims and objectives and how they are going to meet this because at the moment there is only one aim which may help. Tesco's aims are mostly about the community and environment and their employees. I would suggest Tesco to cut down some of these aims and concentrate more on the customers if they want to make more profit. They should consider their products and services. There aim could be to survey the customers maybe by getting them to fill in a questionnaire. This would enable them to find out what the customers think and what they dislike and want from Tesco. Tesco can then go ahead and fulfil there wishes if its possible. This would help them achieve their core purpose. By Dolly Shah 10m - 1 - ...read more.

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