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An analysis of golf retail websites.

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Retrieving and Evaluation Information An analysis of how golf retail websites Selected websites: 1. http://www.discountgolfstore.co.uk/ (UK) 2. http://bestvaluegolf.com/ (US) 3. http://www.mikenutter.co.uk/ (UK) Undoubtedly, not only is the World Wide Web relatively indefinable in size, the golf market and retail of equipment both within Europe and the US has become vast over the last couple of decades. The three identified websites above have been selected as they demonstrate the differing approaches used by companies and reflect how each in turn values the Web as a sales tool. The approach of this analysis will be to primarily take each website on face value, identifying aspects such as aesthetic qualities, presentation, quality of information, ease of navigation and potential for interaction. This will then lead to a comparable analysis and evaluation on the basis of accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage in order to draw to a valid and justifiable conclusion as to the nature of each website. WEBSITE 1, discountgolfstore.co.uk This is a mainstream company, based within the UK that provides for a European market. It is also one of the best publicised and advertised golf retailers with their main sales tool being that of the internet. ...read more.


Summary 1. Accuracy. Both the company and the web designers are contactable and reputable. Perhaps further details as regards the status and history of the company could be more readily available. The purpose of the document is precise and clear the user. The retail of golf equipment has become commonplace on the Internet now. As regards the source of the document and whom it was designed by (Peloton Web Designs) it can be assumed that the Webmaster is well established. The author and provider of information however are not immediately clear and the company as a whole provides all product details. Although this information is accurate and all positive aspects of each product discussed in detail, there is no comment on any possible problems or limitations, for instance which type of club would suit which level of golfer. This is possibly a standard sales ploy, to avoid product limitations. 2. Authority. Information on the webmaster and company for whom the website represents are clearly shown. There is no individual although company details are provided. Qualifications and a portfolio of work is provided solely be the web designer. ...read more.


5. Coverage. This website is accessible by all and is also quick to load, even when operating a fairly slow modem. Despite this images are highly detailed and information on each page is adequate. The links are all clearly labelled, aiding navigation, with the ease of always returning to the homepage. Facilities such as the internal search engine are also highly efficient and effective. Overall this is a well designed, well structured page that offers much for the golf consumer. WEBSITE 2, http://bestvaluegolf.com/ Another company that is very large in the US but also globally since the use of internet marketing and retail. This is a much more established e-business specialising in the distribution of golf equipment. * Presentation of information does not appear to be as professional as the UK website. There is little variation on page layout this lack of originality has been sacrificed in order to maximise space for all the products. There is never any background imaging or colour and the solid green throughout is a possible negative issue. As product description goes the information on the whole is clear and objective. The company supply a greater range of clubs but each option is clearly identified. This is assisted with easy drop down menus and further links on every page. ...read more.

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