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An Appraisal of the techniques used in Asda for monitoring and improving Customer Service with in-built quality measures

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An Appraisal of the techniques used in Asda for monitoring and improving Customer Service with in-built quality measures. Asda is a huge organisation and they know that the secret to being successful and reliable is to provide good Customer Service. Asda monitor the customer service progression via Benchmarking. This method in used by many organisations and is helped to show the performance of Customer service with other supermarket outlets. Asda can improve Benchmarking but they have to set standards and monitor the progress of themselves and competitors. Here is a list of Advantage for Benchmarking: * Imitating and improving on best practice can lead to cost reduction * Gives a target to aim at * Can lead to improved quality and productivity * Enables genuine comparisons of performance to be made Here is a is of Disadvantages for Benchmarking: * Badly performing companies can find matching best practice demoralising * The organisation needs the culture and structure to change * The organisation must be willing and financially able to improve ...read more.


Monitoring Customer Service can prove to be costly to any business but the rewards at the end of it prove to be exceptionally good and this is because the business tends to gain more knowledge on what there customers want and what changes can be made to suit there customers needs. Each Customer is individual and very different so there must be variety of people chosen that may mean age and gender could be a variable. Every Customer has a say and that is why suggestion cards are handed out so that people can write there views on what they didn't like and what they enjoyed. Here are some other methods that Asda can use to Monitor other supermarkets Customer Service: * Mystery Shoppers * Interviews with Different Customers * User Panel Discussions * Internet Websites Mystery Shoppers Some stores like Asda employ mystery shoppers. These shoppers visit stores and test them on Customer care. ...read more.


This could help Asda as they can work out the requirements of each individual customer. Internet Websites Internet Websites can be used to help get prices on competitor's latest products and deals they have this can help Asda decide on what deals they can make but also the evidence may be unreliable due to the site not being updated so it might be ideal for an Asda employee to check if the prices are correct or incorrect. My Favourite Method The method that I prefer is the mystery shopper because that is doing primary research and this could prove beneficial to yourself and the company; this could prove beneficial because the information you have received is first hand. The data or information collected can help you and the company update your strategies on how to deal with your awkward customers and mystery shoppers. It could also help to visit the other supermarkets because you get an idea of their special offers and prices on selected goods. ?? ?? ?? ?? C3 ...read more.

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