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An evaluation on the services of Emirates Airlines to its passengers.

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Title: An evaluation on the services of Emirates Airlines to its passengers. Background: Air line industry is one of the youngest forms of transportation mode. It has become a major source of medium for the exploitation of the resources. Dubai-based Emirates is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world and has received more than 250 international awards for excellence since its launch in 1985.Our professional, friendly, multilingual cabin crew is drawn from more than 90 nationalities and will do everything they can to make you feel at home. All Emirates aircraft are equipped with a personal entertainment system in all classes. On Emirates B777 and A330 aircraft, passengers are provided with up to 18 TV channels and 22 audio channels. Passengers traveling in First or Business Class are offered our film library, with up to 50 titles to ensure there's always a favorite to watch on your in-seat personal video player. ...read more.


It helps to (A) clarify management dilemmas , (B) finding the practicality of the research and (C) helps cost cutting ,time saving and least effort . Descriptive studies: applying descriptive studies helps to learn when, where, how, who and what of the topic under study. It helps to develop further hypothesis Causal studies: this method analyses the relationship of various variable and help determine the cause of certain outcomes .it helps to discover why a particular action leads to particular result most of the time. For my research, I will use assistance of exploratory so that I could vision to the extreme and which would be probably and would surely be sustainable. Also I will use assistance of descriptive study will help me find out when, where, how who, and what services are provided by Emirates Airlines. I would further build on the hypothesis of this study and determine the relationship and describe the behavior pattern and cause of the different variables that I will be evaluating. ...read more.


This method can be very time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Qualitative method: This method seeks to achieve an accurate, precise and reduces the risk of error. This type of methodology depends on reliable and known sources and mostly direct information. To enhance my study I will be using deduction, qualitative & quantitative method. This will help me answer my hypothesis & to accomplish my research I should use the secondary sources such as journals, bulletins, news reviews, conduct survey and obtain reliable and factual information that could be proven. Business implication: On the completion of my research I am extremely positive that it will help the following segment : It will help emirates airlines to adapt changes to improve its business Will help emirates consumers a fuller and more reliable customer satisfaction for a probability of 100% customer satisfaction . Research Limitations: 1. Limited scope to access their future strategies to be implemented Lack of reliable resources. 2. Strategies by Government (if any) that may not permit access. 3. Official unwilling to disclose information or space their valuable time. ...read more.

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