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An I.T. System for a Games Retailer

Extracts from this document...


Problem Identification A friend (Mr. Bat) owns and manages a games retailers company in East London called 'GAMEZ'. He requires an I.T system to ensure faster service for his customers and a more reliable ordering system. The problems are the current system is that because it is paper based things get lost and invoices are hard to create and find. Member information is not safe, anyone could access as the information is stored in a binder on the counter. Background to the problem The manager needs to be able to view member information, view all products in stock and add or remove products form the list. He also needs to create invoices quickly and efficiently. As the company is relatively new there are only 10 members, the member information needs to be displayed showing date of birth, address, name, telephone number, post code etc. The manager has the basic knowledge needed to run an I.T system, knowing how to use V Look Up functions, knowing the basic principles on how to work a spreadsheet. The gain will be that the manager will spend less time looking for member information, creating invoices and looking for products. The time wasted now could be used to make another sale or serve another customer. The end user(s) will be the manager and maybe anyone who he has employed, most likely they will all carry out the same actions needed to be done. ...read more.


to find a product number, then the actual product has to be found in the list which is not in any order. Creating a New Invoice- * New invoice slip is taken out * Order information is manually entered on the invoice slip * The invoice slip is then stored underneath the till in a box * Box has searched in order to find an old invoice Aims and Objectives 1. To make an overall better system to work with, making adding new member information, product information, and creating invoices a simple a fast procedure. 2. To make an attractive interface, which is easy to operate. Each process should be fast and efficient. 3. To allow the user to access or view member information, product information, or an invoice by simple using macros. 4. To allow new products/members to be added/deleted by using a macro. This would cut down on errors, and enable the new products/members to be inserted in the table in alphabetical or numerical order. Also when an old product/member is removed it would be possible for a macro to shift the cells up to fill the gap. At the moment when a new product/member is added it/one is put at the bottom of the list (not in any order) 5. To have macros to clear an invoice, update an invoice table, display member information, also to have an exit macro which saves the spreadsheet. ...read more.


3) Buttons N/A There will be buttons where you single click to get to a certain page 4) Macros N/A The use of macros will be used in order to make the buttons possible. Rough Sketches Main MenuMembers Products Invoice Row/Column Heading Description & format of Data Comment Example Unit Price Price of a single Item This is used so that if the exchange rate changes so does the price for that item. =D7*$E$4 Total Price of Invoice Calculates the cost of the full order. Formula: (sum of cost all items ordered) =SUM(F12:F25) Platform What platform the product is on Formula =IF(B12<>"", VLOOKUP(B12, Products,2,FALSE),"") Game What Game it is Formula =IF(B12<>"", VLOOKUP(B12, Products,3,FALSE),"") Total Price Total price of one product Formula =IF(A12>0,(A12*E12),"") Macro Designs Macro Name: Add Product/Add Member File Name: MENUSYSTEM.XLS Description: Creates a new row for a new product, the information has to entered manually using a keyboard. This macro also copies all needed formula's so that there Is no need to create new formula's. Design: The user must click on the button that says ADD PRODUCT/MEMBER and then when the new row is inserted the new information should be added accordingly. Operation: The macro should be started by clicking on the ADD PRODUCT/MEMBER button on the spreadsheet Final Choice of design Main Menu I think this best suits the company because it is stylish, modern and attractive. It is simple, it shows everything clearly. The rest of the spreadsheet shall carry the same theme throughout. MAIN MENU MEMBERS PRODUCTS INVOICE ?? ?? ?? ?? Ryan Sutherland 7132 1 ...read more.

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