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An I.T. System for Estate Agents

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Introduction 1 Specification 1 Analysis 2 Design 3 Input 3 Storing 3 Processing 3 Output 3 Testing 3 Evaluation 3 Introduction I am going to be designing a system that will be used by estate agents. This system is being created so that it will make the estate agents job a lot easier and more organised. At the moment estates agents are using a paper-based system but I am going to change this to a computerised system as I think it will have more advantages for them. Estate agents have many different jobs, which they have to carry out but the way in which they are organised is not very efficient and I have found a few problems that need to be solved within the way that they are currently working. The main problem that I have found with the way that estate agents work is that the system that they are currently using is a paper based system, to solve this problem what I am going to do is design them a new system that will be created on computer. This will hopefully help them in a great deal and improve their way and quality of working. The different jobs that this system will help he estate agents to do is a number of different things including: * Searching for houses in certain areas and price ranges * Storing details on houses and customers * Collecting data * Mail merging letters to customers * Contacting solicitors through email * Giving quotes * Sorting mortgages and many more. Specification The new system that is being created for estate agents is going to improve their way of working by making them more organised so their jobs are quicker and easier for them to do. I have looked at the existing paper based system that the estate agents are currently using in detail and found all the problems that I think are necessary to change and also found solutions that I think will work appropriately. ...read more.


This is a list of the field names that will be used on the customer's table: * * ID Number * Title * Forename * Surname * Street * Town * County * Postcode * Phone Number * Mobile * Location * Upper Price * Lower Price * Off street parking * Value of their house * Other This is a list of the field names that will be used in the houses table: * * ID Number * Door Number * Street * Town * County * Postcode * Number of rooms * Number of bedrooms * Room sizes * Garden size * Type of house * Central heating * Double glazing * Date put on market * Extension/Conservatory * Fitted Kitchen * Fitted Wardrobes * Swimming Pool These are all the field names that will be used to create the forms, which show all the information about the customers and houses. Once I have chosen the relevant field names I will then choose the relevant data type that it is, this is needed so that the computer knows what type of thing you are talking about. The different data types include: * * Auto * Text * Number * Date/Time * Yes/No * Currency I will write notes about each field name in the notes section provided. The type of thing that I will write in this section will be validation rules, these are so you can make sure that the write information is always written in the correct place. The validation rules need to be used to help the estate agent fill in the correct information so that no mistakes are made. When the validation rules are entered into the computer it will prevent the estate agent from making any mistakes and stop the estate agent from entering any wrong information. For example when they type in the information to the field name 'title' there will be a validation rule which says the only thing that can be typed into that box is 'Mr' 'Mrs' 'Miss' or 'Ms'. ...read more.


I think I would have been able to produce something a lot better if I had more time to do it as I struggled to complete it properly in the time that I had to do it. I found this task very difficult and I found that it took me a long time to get to grips with it and to understand fully what was needed to be done. I think that if I had more time I would have been able to produce it better and I would have had a better understanding of the whole project. I think my work could have been of a better standard if I had more time but I think it is the best I could have done in the time that I had as I found it quite difficult. There are a few things that I'm sure that I haven't done properly or that I haven't done at all but I think I have done the most important things that I needed to do. Whilst doing this task I think I learnt quite a few new things about the program Microsoft Access, as I didn't really know much about it before doing this task. After looking back at my specification I can see that I completed most of the tasks that I set at the beginning, these are the tasks that I completed: * To store details on the houses for sale and the houses that have been sold. * To store details on vendors and buyers * To search for houses in a certain area * To search for houses in a certain price range * Create enquiry forms * Input various information * Access information The only tasks that I did not complete as I did not have enough time was: * To be able to contact vendors * To mail merge letters to customers. Apart from not completing these two tasks I am very pleased with my end result of the new system that I have created. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Rachel James ...read more.

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