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"An investigation on the importance of brand names to consumers".

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"An investigation on the importance of brand names to consumers" Introduction: The aim of this research is to find out why brand names are important to consumers. The reason why this research has been undertaken is because branding is an interesting topic, which plays a major part in everyday life. Brands are found everywhere that hardly anything today is unbranded, including clothes, food, furniture and even cars. The research will show why brands are important to consumers. This research proposal will report other authors who have commented on brands. The author will be conducting primary research in forms of questionnaires and interviews. This is an important study for the reason that it demonstrates the way people buy and the justifications of their choice. Aims & Objectives or Hypothesis: Research question: Why brand names are important to consumers? Aims & Objectives. The main objective of the proposal is to examine why brand names are important to consumers which could also consist of what branding is and how important it is to consumers in everyday life. Hypothesis My hypotheses are as follows: The higher the satisfaction with one brand name, the more the customer will trust the brand name. The brand name is used to make the customer secure with products/service. The geographical implications on the brand i.e. ...read more.


. Pearson (1996) states: 'One could go as far to say that if brands names did not exist there would be no trustworthy market place, a brand name provides the customer with information and reduces the shopping effort' 'The reason for us' seeing a brand as a process is that the individual beliefs of the companies and their customers constantly change and as a consequence the perception of the brand itself' The Economist has stated (2001): "The flip side of the power and importance of a brand is its still growing vulnerability. Because it is so valuable to a company, a brand must be cosseted, sustained and protected" Branding is a creative process. It uses research techniques and the skills of a number of specialists. But in the end it is about creating distinctiveness, in a consumer-relevant fashion. Unfortunately, most branding seems to be concerned not with distinctiveness, but with similarity, with camouflaging the brand so it fits in with all the other brands on the market. To be distinctive, to refuse to follow the group takes courage and it could be highly rewarded. Therefore it could be said that brand names could be very important to consumers. Key factors: After writing up the literature review on Branding, it has come to conclusion that branding is an immense part to look at therefore; this proposal will be directly paying attention to the importance of branding to consumers. ...read more.


In addition 20 interviews will be conducted to gain qualitative information. The interview will be semi-structured and the interviewer will follow bullet points of areas to address. An advantage of this it motives: attitudes and feelings can be understood, however, they will be time consuming, and therefore only 20 interviews will be conducted. Time Plan: June 2003: Pilot study: write up questionnaire for pilot study. July 2003: Pilot study: questionnaire. Hand out questionnaire, collect questionnaire asses the pilot study. August 2003: Draft up final questionnaire, write up final questionnaire and hand it out to sample. September 2003: Collect questionnaires. Start analysing questionnaires. October 2003: Arrange interview, conduct interviews and analyse data November 2003: Analyse results of questionnaire and interview. December 2003: Gather all relevant journals, information which is needed for the literature review. January 2004: Write up literature review and methodology. February 2004: Make sure all information obtained is accurate and complete. March 2004: Write up of dissertation. April 2004: Type up final draft of dissertation. May 2004: Hand in dissertation. Budget: The following money will be spent in order to complete the dissertation successfully: Questionnaires: 1 page cost 5p x 3 pages: 15p x 100 (100 questionnaires) = 15.00 Interviews: 1 page cost 5p x 4 pages = 20p x 20 (20 interviews) = 4.00 Dissertation Printout: 60 pages (double spaced) x 5 = 3.00 Binding of dissertation: 1.00 Other expenditure: 5.00 Total cost: 28. ...read more.

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