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An overview of the system requirements (hardware, software, data, personnel, procedures and ethical issues).

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5. An overview of the system requirements (hardware, software, data, personnel, procedures and ethical issues). ? Hardware We need computer hardware and communications hardware for our business. Base on that, we need: 1. Main computer network system controls main business operations of the supermarket 2. Sub computer network system for advertising activities for advertising activities such as creating a homepage, making fliers, and direct emailing to the customers. 3. Security system monitors gates and the inside of the supermarket ? Software We need to purchase operating system software and other application software we need for our company such as: 1. Supermarket application package (for the main computer network system) large scale business computer application designed for supermarket retailers developed by high technology computer companies such as Microsoft and IBM. ...read more.


? Data 1. Accounting and financing database for the purpose of financial decision making and for keeping official accounting information. 2. Customer database for advertising activities, and determining customer's preference for the products by creating questionnaire or doing a customer survey. 3. Employee database stores employee information and utilize the information for several purposes such as to measure the quality of a labour's work for promotion. 4. Supplier database stores suppliers' information to compare their prices and advantages. 5. Inventory database control supplies, stocks, and analyse sales ? Personnel 1. Users casher Low-level workers: Cashier, foodstuffs stock keeper, sweeper (cleaner), security guard, advertising designer, and advertising computer software programmer Clerical workers (includes managers and executives): Market researcher, buyer, accountant, human resource manager, general manager, food stock manager, marketing manager, advertising manager, security manager, CFO, CMO, and CEO 2. ...read more.


? Ethical issue 1. Privacy - is the information of individuals and groups collected and used in an ethical fashion. 2. Access - do people and organizations have the ability (hardware, expertise, etc.) to make use of information 3. Accuracy - is the information in databases up to date and truthful, is it complete? What are the consequences of the bugs/errors? 4. Property - issues of intellectual property. How do we protect intellectual property? 5. Allegiance - to whom is the IS professional responsible? Whom should an IS serve? Whose interests should be considered first and foremost when developing an IS? One analysis has identified four separate entities to which an IS professional may profess allegiance: the company, the professional organization and co-workers, the client, and to the society in general. 6. Rules - what code of ethics should be followed--the company, professional organization, personal, religious? ...read more.

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