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Analyse e-commerce and e-business in the construction industry, at the request of a construction company called Buildrite.

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Advanced Construction Information Technology Assignment 2 E-commence 1. Introduction 1.1 This report has been designed to analyse e-commerce and e-business in the construction industry, at the request of a construction company called Buildrite. 1.2 "Buildrite Construction Limited, is a construction firm with a nation-wide presence, undertaking projects ranging from medium sized up to major projects all over the UK"1 1.3 Like many construction companies in present times. Buildrite are looking at bringing their company into the e-business age. Due to the advancement of technology, i.e. the internet and computers being at the front of innovation and the business world, general businesses risk falling behind their competition unless they keep up-to-date with technology. 1.4 Technology is having a profound impact on the way construction businesses/companies operate. It affects everything from the way products are marketed to the collaboration between project team members. Doing business electronically can streamline the way in which Buildrite work and open up their organisation to new clients and customers. 1.5 Being traditionally a manual industry, the construction industry may not have been at the forefront of technology, as technology has progressed so rapidly over the past few decades. 1.6 As the electronic age develops so rapidly, construction companies are becoming more computer literate and using it to their advantage in the industry. 1.7 Although the industry is primarily a manual based industry, nowadays there is nearly the same, if not more, academic and paper based work done in the industry than there ever has been before. ...read more.


3.5 Due to the internet highway, email and numerous other internet based methods, information can be sent and transferred electronically, and cuts out a lot of paper based work surrounding the procedure. 3.6 Information can be transferred in minutes between clients and customers instead of days through mail services. 3.7 Through the transfer of files and information, contractors can download contract documents instantly. 3.8 The efficiency of the electronic age is a vast improvement to this important system of procuring contracts. 3.9 "Tools available in the current market offer varying levels of sophistication. A simple e-tendering solution may be a space on a web server where electronic documents are posted with basic viewing rules."4 3.10 The benefits of E-Tendering are a tremendous improvement for the construction industry: - * encourages more competition amongst suppliers * speeds up the tender-to-contract cycle * increases end-to-end management information of buyer/supplier relationships * keeps full control of the process including who to award the contract and when * generates higher savings than the traditional tendering processes * requires no capital outlay, maintenance or IS resource. 4 On-line Project Collaboration 4.1 On-line project collaboration works in the industry in numerous different ways. 4.2 The main feature of on-line collaboration is that it improves communication between people running the construction projects. 4.3 Communication between architects, consultants, contractors, etc right down to even site-based staff is improved. Organisation through methods of emails, conferencing, etc improves the overall projects and the way in which they are executed. ...read more.


6 Summary 6.1 In conclusion to the information found in this report, Buildrite could improve the efficiency of the tendering and construction process profoundly. 6.2 As with any product, system or procedure introduced into a company, there may be a few teething problems at initial stages of the implementation, but these can be sorted out. 6.3 The implementation of these methods would open new doors to Buildrite as a firm. They would be introduced into more relationships within the industry. 6.4 These new systems are being used more and more in the industry due to the evolution of the electronic age. 6.5 "Great as the benefits are, there are many things to beware of, such as the legal issues which arise from communicating electronically."6 6.6 "It is very important for all companies to be aware of the terms of the Data Protection Act (DPA), as it concerns any personal data that you hold on your workforce, customers, suppliers, or any other individual."7 6.7 Although there are many benefits to these systems, there are considerations that must be taken into account. 6.8 Security is a major consideration to firms, as information of projects, costs, even personal information can be stored. 6.9 Security measures are taken to prevent any tampering of this information from people without access. 6.10 There are many legal issues that surround e-business and are similar to conventional contracts between parties. 6.11 The implementation of the system would prove to be beneficial for the company as a whole, bringing them up-to-date and into the electronic environment, opening the doors to new customers, clients and methods of doing things. 7. ...read more.

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