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Analyse the conflict of objectives that may occur if Sophie decides to expand her business.

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´╗┐Analyse the conflict of objectives that may occur if Sophie decides to expand. ________________ If Sophie was to expand Petals and Pastries then she would have to think were the capital would come from to complete the extension, as she may need new marketing campaigns and more production capacity for the new products. Within the case study it doesn?t specify what wage the employees currently get, if Sophie was to expand she may want to pay her employees the national minimum wage as they are already getting other ?perks? such as the family friendly environment as this would give her more capital to buy anything new which she will need in order for the expansion of her business. ...read more.


but not all as they are all likely to have children to look after therefore it may not be possible to work the extra hours. Suppliers of Petals and Pastries will most likely be glad of the expansion as they may receive more custom if they can provide the items which are needed also if Sophie kept this supplier and established a good relationship with them, if anything was ever needed urgently then the suppliers are more likely to help them out due to the amount of orders she will be putting in place as they won?t want to lose customers .Therefore this ...read more.


within Shropshire therefore the rate of unemployment would fall this is good for any community as it deters violence and the houses being run down. However the local community may be affected negatively if delivery for the expansion were delivered out of working hours or if she had to run a night shift, the noise from this may affect the community. Overall I think that Sophie?s idea to expand would benefit the majority of stakeholders however she needs to take into consideration her employees as they are only employed part time as they are all mothers therefore would they consider doing more shifts? ...read more.

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