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Analyses the factors affecting how consumers purchase fashion apparel

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Title Analyses the factors affecting how consumers purchase fashion apparel. Background Consumers usually choose certain products, services or other activities over others because they are connected to certain lifestyle. Often, their decision making is not only based on personal experiences but also on external factors. Fashion marketers need to identify appropriate market segments in order to target the most profitable market. The factors usually which include personal factors, psychological factors, reference groups, demographic family, opinion reader, social class, and culture. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, as individual move higher up the hierarchy, their needs, and motivation will different. Largely beyond the control and influence of the marketer, have a major effect on consumer behaviour and purchasing decision. Despite their incapacity to exercise any considerable influence on the above factors, marketers can have some bearing on the outcome of the buying process by using different marketing tools, the most productive being the 4Ps - product, price, place and promotion - also known as the marketing mix. ...read more.


As for the opinion leader, because of their innovativeness and high involvement, fashion market often target them to spread positive word of mouth. Social class is influenced by family which they are raised from. Culture is divided to three subculture which includes acculturation, ethnocentrism, and gay consumers. Each sub culture varies in the way they purchase clothes. In conclusion, all consumers have different needs, motivation, and personality. Reference groups, family, opinion leader, social class and culture also will affect how consumers purchase clothes. Research Questions and Objectives The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors influencing consumers' evaluation of apparel quality during the decision-making process. To determine profile of customers in apparel business. Recommend market strategy to improve market growth of the company. Methodology A qualitative research style was followed and unstructured interviews and focus group interviews were chosen as data-collection methods. A total of 45 unstructured interviews were held with 15 shoppers. ...read more.


Wrote a plan - draft part 1 01-May-08 Quickly look on the website for organisation Final Project. information and search on Athens. Borrowed book from the library Ask for advise from the researcher supervisor. Draft part 2 01/07/2008 Visited national library and looked up on journal Final Project. and articles. Reworked final project - draft part 3 26/08/2008 Keep in touch with the researcher supervisor ask for guidance. Final Project. Keep on looking for additional sources from all over the places. 25/09/2008 Looked up for other useful information. Final Project. Draft part 4 and revised on final project. 30/11/2008 Proof read Final Project. Submitted to Segi College and e-copy for Turnitin. Resources This study presents the results of the review of few academic papers selected from a large pool of articles on consumer behaviour in fashion apparel. The criterion for the paper selection was the focus on studying the factors on buying decision-making process. ...read more.

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