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Analysing and Comparing Business Documents

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Analysing and Comparing Business Documents Introduction For this part of my coursework I am going to analyse and compare six different original documents that I have collected, three business letters and three data collection forms. I will analyse and compare them with each other and then with my business letter and my data collection form. I will analyse each document on writing and presentation style, layout, content, and suitability for purpose. I will finally make suggestions for improvement. The first set of documents is the three business letters that I have collected. These are:- Welsh Joint Education Committee Welsh Joint Education Committee Natwest Analysing and comparing the business letter Document 1 - Welsh joint education comittee Writing and Presentation Style This first letter from the WJED has been sent to inform someone of a change in date for the issue of GCE certificates. It is a standard set out letter split in to 3 paragraphs and it is in a semi formal style Layout The letterhead has been set out in both English and Welsh as has the logo. The company information is in English on the left of the page and in Welsh on the right of the page. On the other side of the paper the whole letter is written again in Welsh. ...read more.


The letter is in several paragraphs, each broken with a statement in bold such as "award winning service". It also comes with a p.s at the bottom to remind you to order now and get a "free pen". There is a standard margin on the left. The right side is taken up their offer of "up to 30 % off" Content This letter has been written to be sent to thousands of people so the language has to be and is easily understandable by all. It is informative and suggestive but by no means persuasive. Suitability for purpose The letter does its job of informing the customer of their banks different offers in fine style. I think it would be easily accessible for its intended audience. Suggestions for improvements None Comparison of the three business letters Similarities All informative All could be called semi-formal Differences The Natwest letter is the only one to use bright colour to attract the eye The Natwest letter is for informative and is offering something while the other two are only informative --------- The second set of documents is the three data collection forms that I have collected. These are:- Passport service UK Passport service UK Natwest Bank Analysing and comparing the data collection form Document 1 passport service UK Writing and Presentation Style This data collection form is used to gather information about the person applying for a passport. ...read more.


I couldn't imagine anyone who speaks English and is literate having trouble with this. Suggestions for improvements none Document 3 - Natwest Writing and Presentation Style The purpose of this data collection form is to find out your financial and current mortgage details so that the bank can decide whether or not to give you a mortgage with them. There is little information given on the form. It is almost all requestive. Layout There is no main heading or title to this document .There are however 5 sub headings requesting information on you, your partner and your money basically. The sections to be written in are small white boxes against a pink background, spread over two sides. Content There is very little language to comment on, what there is, is easily understandable. Suitability for purpose I believe the form is accessible for its intended audience and it does what it is supposed to do. Suggestions for improvements none Comparison of the three business letters Similarities They all have the purpose of collecting data. They all use little boxes for you to write in. They are all much easier to do online or over the phone They all request personal information about yourself and your family Differences They are all different colours. There are not many differences because in the business world today one data collection form is just the same as any other really. AVCE Information Communication technology Unit 1 Presenting Information Analysing and Comparing Documents David Rigby ...read more.

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