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Analysis of a Job Advert and My Employability Skills

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´╗┐Asid Ashraf Unit 2 Business Resources P2: Employability Skills Organisation Name: Crowne Plaza Hotel Frontline Role: Food and Beverage Assistant Describe the qualifications required: GCSE A*-C standard English and Maths, this is essential because you need to be able to simple adding and English is a necessity because you need to be able to read and speak fluent English. To have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 1 or 2 in customer service you can also have a food safety certificate. Describe the level of experience in a similar role required: To have a previous experience at least 1 year or 2 year in a quality restaurant or bar. Describe the level of experience in the industry required: N/A Describe the knowledge of goods and services required: To have good knowledge about the Restaurant and other department?s hotels. ...read more.


Personal Skills Organisation Name: Frontline Role: Food and Beverage Assistant Describe the amount if patience required: Good interpersonal and customer facing skills, maintain professionalism, display patience and politeness within a busy environment are some of the skills required. Describe the level of hard work required: Candidates must be reliable, flexible and have a ?can do? attitude. You must have good attention to detail, ability to work within a close team and also work with minimal supervision. Describe the level of ability to work as part of a team: Candidates must show the ability to have an excellent work ethic and be part of a team as required. Describe the level of good interpersonal skills required: Interpersonal skills are essential when socialising with colleagues and friends. ...read more.


Describe the attributes you already possess or expect to posess by the end of course: 1. I will develop the habit of meeting deadlines. 2. I will develop my planning skills in order to prioritise myself for my coursework deadlines. 3. I will try to participate in all team/group activities. 4. I will ensure to communicate effectively with my team mates 5. I will try to practice my presentational skills effectively. 6. I will try to develop my patience. 7. I will try to organise myself by bringing the right equipment to lessons. 8. I will time manage my work and try to ensure to hand all coursework in on time. 9. I will ensure to use my essay skills effectively 10. I will ensure problem solving skills are used to the best ability. ...read more.

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