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Analysis of data handling

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Analysis - Data Handling To get an improved understanding of the problems faced in an online retail data handling system I am going to conduct a questionnaire and gain data from some data capture forms. After gaining information from my questionnaire and data capture forms I now have a clear understanding of how a data handling system is implemented for an online retail store. ...read more.


The invoice brings together customer information and pairs it with product information. The information added to the invoice would be date of purchase; this information would then automatically create an expected date of arrival and the delivery process, transport, dispatch etc. When customer information is gained it is not input by a member of staff. ...read more.


Each of the computer terminals could access the same data so that invoices and other information can be viewed at the same time on different computers. They were also able to check credit card details with banks through their WAN. The data system can produce information for both staff and online customers. Customers can view their past orders or there current account details whilst all data can be viewed by staff. They use standard input devices, keyboard and mouse, as there is no need for particular input devices, for example bar code reader, scanner. ...read more.

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