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Analysis of The Cadbury company.

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..[[Cadbury Project]].. DATE ACTION COMMENT May 1st May 3rd May 4th May 8th May 12th May 16th May 21st May 26th May 30th June 4th June 8th June 13th June 20th June 28th July 10th Write action plan Introduction Start Task 2: What is the product? Start Task 3: The history of Cadbury Start Task 4: What method of production is used? Start Task 5: What is the scale of production? Start Task 6: What are the different job roles in production process? Start Task 7: How is technology used in the production process? Start Task 8: How is quality assured? Start task 9: How is stock controlled? Start Task 10: What effect has the business had on the local community? Start Task 11: how could the product range be developed? visit Cadbury World Start Task 12: What problems are there in the production process and how might they overcome Coursework due in * Quite easy to do. No problems. * I found it slightly challenging. * I found it hard to find all the necessary information that I needed. I have struggled a bit with tasks 5 to 11 as I was not able to find as much information as would have liked. The above pictures show how Cadbury's advertising has changed. Cadbury dairy milk chocolate was introduced in the 1900's it immediately became the market leader. It is still the top selling brand in the country. There are 14 members of the Cadbury Dairy Milk family including: Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Biscuit, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Bubbly, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Almond and honey, Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Fruit and Nut, Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut, Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight and Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Creme egg, Cadbury Dairy Milk Melts and two others. ...read more.


The production function at Cadbury's is responsible for providing sufficient goods to meet customers demand. The method of production is an important aspect in determining the amount of added value for Cadbury's. Cadbury's uses the following factors to achieve a high level of added value for the chocolate they produce: o Maintaining and improving quality. o Maintenance and control machinery and equipment o Meeting the specific needs of customers o Controlling costs and working efficiently. Controlling costs and working efficiently means that Cadbury employ specialist staff that would ensure that the end result of the product is of an excellent condition and the quality is also high. During seasonal times such as Easter and Christmas Cadbury need to produce for chocolate, and due to this Cadbury employ temporary staff so that Cadbury maintains sufficient work, the extra staff are needed due to the demands of chocolate increasing during the seasonal times and to achieve this more staff are needed so that the chocolate produced meets the customers demands both in numbers (the chocolate stays in stock) and quality. Cadbury's raw materials are supplied from about 40,000 suppliers around the world. Cocoa beans are imported from West Africa and the far East. Cadbury chocolate bars are made from raw materials which would be the cocoa beans, sugar, Milk powder, etc. The beans are heated in steel pin mills until the heat and friction turns it into chocolate. Then the appropriate ingredients are added (milk, sugar caramel etc) depending which chocolate is been made. It is then left to dry and then moulded into the correct shape by the machines. Cadbury staff manually taste the chocolate to ensure each chocolate has the same quality each time it is produced. The production process of Cadbury's involves both manual labour and machine operated work. Cadbury uses robotics which means machines replace people. In the Cadbury's production process there are five people involved. ...read more.


The home of Cadbury's at the Bournville site will remain unaffected. The Schweppes drinks company will no longer be joined with Cadbury's. Drinks such as Dr Pepper and 7up will be sold off at a private auction. This sale could raise more than �7bn. Cadbury will sell the soft drinks business for �1.3billion. The drinks business will be bought out by private equity firms Blackstone's and Lions capital. Around 85% of the Cadbury Schweppes sales come from France, Germany and Spain with a small amount of business in the UK. The firm has been under pressure because of the salmonella scare in the UK. This lead to a million chocolate bars being recalled. The salmonella recall cost Cadbury's �20 million, the company saw profits fall and a loss of market share by 1%. Cadbury has been charged with three offences under food and hygiene laws. The bars were the likely cause of an outbreak affecting 30 people. The company has been taken to court at Birmingham Magistrates on June 15th. Cadbury will also be taken to court at Hertford Magistrates on Tuesday 24th July. The company is to be prosecuted in relation to three alleged offences, each carrying a maximum penalty of an unlimited fine and or two years imprisonment. Cadbury was accused of placing unsafe chocolate products on the market. Seven brands were affected by the salmonella outbreak, these include the 250g Dairy Milk Turkish, Dairy Milk Caramel and Dairy Milk Mint bars, the Dairy Milk 8 chunk and the 1kg Dairy Milk Bar as well as the 105g Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg and Freddo Bar. As a result of this incident Cadbury has decided to improve their methods of testing. The firm will only release products onto the market once tests for salmonella are negative. According to experts advising the government the firm's contamination testing was out of date. On Easter 2007 Cadburys had to recall Easter eggs because they had the wrong labelling. This was just two months after the company announced last years salmonella scare which cost the company �30 million. ...read more.

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