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Analysis of The Cadbury company.

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Criterion 2F Cadbury's Departments Inside a business there are many different functional departments all created to help the company in its organizational methods. There are many different departments involved with Cadbury's, as there are in any business all used for different functions. These are: * Marketing and Sales * Finance * Administration and IT support * Operations * Research and Development * Production * Customer Services * Human Resources Many of these all blend in together on the area of their focus but still all play an important part in the running of the business. The three departments that I will be focusing on are Marketing and Sales, Operations and Administration and IT support. Marketing and Sales The main things that are dealt with in the marketing and sales departments are: * Market Research, both primary and secondary research * Promotion * Advertising * Sales There are the four P's of Marketing and Sales, Promotion, Price, Product, Place. Market Research Primary Research Market Research is identified as one of two, either primary research which is studies that have not taken place before or secondary research which is using research that has been carried out before. Primary Research involves things such as asking people questionnaires on their views and opinions of a particular product or sector. Many of these have taken place before for Cadburys and I have been asked in stores and around the Bournville site to fill out a quick questionnaire. I browsed the Cadburys website and found an online questionnaire referring to the site. See appendix . Secondary Research Secondary Research, otherwise known as desk research, is looking through information that all ready exists. This takes place often for Cadbury's also as they always look through old information to discover what the customers want and how preferences have changed throughout the years. If information is collected from a book you must create a bibliography and write down the name of the book and the author so that you do not take credit for their work. ...read more.


See appendix . Health and Safety With Cadbury's being in the food industry it is vital that they ensure good health and safety standards otherwise they would have the threat of closure and having the company taken away. To ensure good health Cadburys make sure that all of their staff are constantly having checkups and if they are even slightly ill they have the time of work if they handle food products to make sure that nothing spreads. Safety is more involved with machinery and heavy things which have regular checks to show that they are harmless. A lot of what is neede to guarantee that the factories are clean and tidy comes a lot into the next section, cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and Maintenance As the name suggests, this sector does exactly what it says it does. This is along with repairing any broken equipment and cleaning the men's toilets, great. Yet somebody has to do that job and Cadburys has to employ them. Cleaning and Maintenance is important because of the issues surrounding it like the health and safety measures, that's why health and safety and cleaning and maintenance go hand in hand. I cant really give any evidence on this section because there is no information to support it but it is obvious what occurs. Software support, Electronic Communications and Electronic Transactions This is where the It support part of the sector comes into it. They deal with everything involving computers int heir offices. Software support is the general repair and help with any computer breakdowns or viruses. Electronic Communications includes things such as emailing and document downloads to telephone calls and text messages. This is very vital to the business because without communication it wouldn't run because everybody would be trying to work individually rather than as a team. I would think that electronic communication involves mainly written communication in the form of emails but telephone conversations are oral. ...read more.


Effect on aims and objectives The advantages and disadvantages between the departments all help in a way because a disadvantsage can always be resolved and changed to make it into an advantage so in the circumstances the business has a very high chance of successfully reaching their aims and objectives. What all of the departments in the business need to do to achieve their goals is to work together, efficiently and not forgetting happily to ensure the best working environment and result overall Criterion 2A Cadbury's Advantages * All of the departments have their own main role so they cannot make up to many of the decisions if it does not really relate to them * Both Operations and Marketing and Sales are involved with the design of new products which means that more people are involved making the choice of what to be produced much more likely to be the right one. * They are all working for the same business so any little disputes which do occur will be fixed rapidly because the workplace cannot afford poor quality staff and work * Combined resources Disadvantages * Disagreements are bound to happen now and then so the final decisions would probably be put down to a vote. * Conflict of interests * The final decisions are always made by the head person so even if a lot of people do not agree with something they still can overrule them. Changes If I could make some changes within the functional areas of the Cadbury's business I would probably split Administration and IT support into two areas so that they would have a more direct task with less of a broad field. I would also take away sales control from the marketing and sales department because in my opinion the finance department should look after all of the factors involving money so it should be up to their department. Aims and Objectives I think that a business would be nothing without a clear lineout of departments so that everything is kept orderly and managed by a particular person. ...read more.

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