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Analysis of two businesses prepared for Harrow Management Consultants

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Harrow Management Consultants have short-listed students for a trainee management position in their company. They are concerned however that their managers may be getting out of touch with sensible business proposals produced by people of student age. They are therefore considering recruiting a team of business advisers who will be able to look at the proposals they receive from a younger perspective. In preparing for the interview, the students have been asked to present and discuss a business investigation, which the students have conducted for this. I am going to select two businesses, which I am interested in. These should be different from one another in ways I should explain. Identify also what you think are the stated or probable purposes of each organisation. Describe fully the aims and objectives. Then describe how the organisation's activities meet the stated business purposes, in addition, explain the contribution of my selected organisation's business activities towards the achievement of the business purposes. One of the businesses, which I have selected, is TOPSHOP. It is a commercial, private and retail sector that a clothing company based in the UK. The Arcadia Group, which is the second largest clothing retailer in England, owns the brand TOPSHOP. Arcadia Group is formerly known as Burton, a Lithuanian immigrant to the UK founded this in 1900 by the name of Sir Montague Burton. The company became the leading multi-tailor organisation in the UK when primarily focusing on tailored suits. Burton was in innovator, and in no time, the company had expanded, merged and acquired several other clothing retailers. A man named Peter Robinson originated it in the mid 1960's. His own design ideas has set and maintained its reputation for "putting new ideas on the high street first." Primarily, TOPSHOP carries clothing however accessories also account for a large portion of the company's sales. Products are sold at the local TOPSHOP store as well as on the website by product or trend categories. ...read more.


In addition, to drive and measure these improvements, performance targets covering many aspects of the service have been agreed with government as part of the Citizen's Charter program. The mission statement is to exceed customer expectations by continually improving the quality of their response to customer queries, and using customer feedback to drive improvement in service across London Underground a TfL (Transport for London). In this task, I am going to identify and describe a variety of functional activities in the organization of TOPSHOP, also to identify and describe connections between these activities and the achievement of aims and objectives. In addition, I am going to provide an in depth analysis of the contribution of the different functional activities to the achievement of the aims and objectives. TOPSHOP is a massive global fashion clothes company. It produces a wide range of categories; they include Fashion tops, Basic tops, Trousers, Skirts, Jeans, Dresses jackets, Coats, Beachwear, Accessories and Specialty items (plus/petite sizes). The company also manufactures clothing for men, but the men and women's divisions are operated separately. The organizations like TOPSHOP arrange their departments into the most logical functional areas, including: * DESIGN: ideas for new types and styles of products. * MARKETING: researching the global market to find out that buys the products, why and what they are looking for in the future. Marketing and design work together to agree new products. It is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. * PRODUCTION: organizing the manufacture of the product range to consistently high quality standards. In service industries, the production function involves organizing resources efficiently to offer the final consumer the best value and quality. The finished good may be a haircut. The production is responsible for: * Making the goods or providing the service * Making the right quantity at the right price at the right time with the right quality * Using resources efficiently. ...read more.


using different methods; for designing and trying out new product processes and product types; and for developing prototypes through to the final product. It may also be responsible for arranging work study programmers and making suggestions as to how working practices can be improved. * The works department will be concerned with the actual manufacture of a product. This will encompass the maintenance of a production line and the carry out of other necessary repairs. The works department may also have responsibility for quality control and inspection. The main activities of the finance function for TOPSHOP are to record all business transactions, measure the financial performance of the business, control the finances and cash flow so the business stays solvent and take timely financial decisions by comparing the predicted performance with actual performance. There are two requirements for the administration system need for financial accounting. The system must be able to record information. The records can be kept manually in books of accounts, stored in a database or in a computerised accounts software package. Legally they must be available for inspection by the Inland Revenue and by the company auditors at any time. The system also must be able to report on the financial health of the business at the end of the year. The Company Acts lay down specific rules and regulations that must be followed by all limited companies when they prepare their annual accounts. The accounts must be prepared so that they give a 'true and fair view' of the business. This means that they should be as objective as possible and capable of being externally checked and verified. The TOPSHOP Company keeps a detailed inventory and accounting system must be kept on the database, so that the company can keep track and reorder when appropriate so to prevent the unnecessary and often times extensive shortage costs, which shows TOPSHOP is trying to make the maximization profit. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 20 Name: yang gao Tutor group: H101 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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