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Applied Business - Unit 1 - B2 - Functional Areas - Rovers

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B2 Explain, using examples, how at least three functional areas of one of their chosen businesses work together to support the business activity. It is important for all the function areas of the business to work together in serenity so that they can co-operate with each other and get the most out of there occupation. This makes there department more efficient and gets there work done more rapidly. If they don't do this then there business wouldn't work and sooner or later break down. They quote this saying made by Duncan (Head of Education Department) "A team is only as good as its weakest link" and explain what he means by it: which if there is a flow then the business would not work properly which means that if the marketing & sales department are the weakest link the whole business would become weak because it a major department of Rovers. Abbreviations - Marketing & Sales (M&S), Research & Development (R&D) Rovers At Rovers the Regular Senior Management Team meetings with a Head of Departments are organised regularly however there are no formal minutes taken in the meeting and even after the meeting they would discuss this and make their own notes in their own time and discussed there issues. ...read more.


They can make a lot of profit in this way by opening some the fans want so they can get money out of it and make profit. To do this the Research and Development department would do research and find the best quality product which the customers would prefer and like. After finding this the marketing and sales department would advertise the product and sell them at there best rate so Rovers and their Customers are happy. The finance department would also be involved in this because they would have to pay for all the cost that would cost to this. The Marketing and Sales department must keep updates with the Research and development department because of there customer trends. This would increase customer responsiveness so Rover's know what they need. In some cases the footballers or the manager would go to a community gathering or they would hold a charity event to keep the local community happy and the residential happy, as a result they may get attracted towards the club; this would be a great advantage as ticket sales may increase and they would have more fans to come to them and watch more games. ...read more.


The Finance department would provide the money to both departments so basically the Research and Development department would search for the player and then Marketing and sales would deal with it. Another example of finance department and Research and Development working together; for example if the Research and development department are scouting to find a new player for there club then the Finance department would give them a budget to spend so the Research and Development department knows how much budget they get to spend on a player. The finance department should always communicate with the Research and development department so that they know that they don't overspend on their budget given by them. If they wanted to go to away matched then they would have to organise everything before they go so they would have to pay for all the hotels and the entire organisation they would have to also make sure that it's cheap but good so they don't lose out on going through the away games. The finance department would have to then organise for the costs so they can afford this but it has to be a reasonable price for the finance department. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Wasim Natha ...read more.

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