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Applied Business - Unit 1 - C1 - Communication - Rovers and Promethean

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C1 For one business describe the different methods of oral and written communication used and describe, with examples, how it uses ICT to communicate and operate. Communication is a way of contacting another person by phone, email etc. For example, communicating to your boss via mobile or email is a form of communication. It could also mean transferring data via email. Communication is important because without accurate information a business cannot operate effectively. Communication is normally a four-stage process: First stage is - Obtaining the information. Second Stage is - Sharing the info with the people it is relevant to. Third stage is - What action will be taken because of the information. Fourth Stage is - Telling all the relevant people what will be done because of that. There are four main methods of communication: Oral, Video, Written and Graphical. Oral There are many ways of communicating in this way, including telephone, face-to- face, meetings, PA tannoy system and telephone conferencing. Telephone Rovers use the telephone as it is efficient and doesn't take long. One example of this is when Mrs. ...read more.


This is appropriate because video as well as sound is needed for a meeting and video conferencing includes all that. It is also very rapid, providing the staff participating in the video conference have high speed internet. Written There are many ways of communicating in this way, including memos, letters, financial documents, advertising, emails and reports. Letters Letters are an efficient and cheap way for Rovers to communicate within the business. It is cheap because paper doesn't cost very much and stamps are very cheap. Letters and bank statements are vital to the financial department of the company because it is important information coming through the post. The business also sends posters and other club-orientated post such as posters of the players etc. The club also sends post to its employees to inform them of upcoming events, or for notifying them that they have got the sack, sending them their pay slip, or telling them that they have been promoted. It is not a very fast process, usually up two or three days before the post is sent to the preferred location, but it is very confidential. ...read more.


It is used to send information from one department to another, and send information from Rovers to any other company it is associated with. It is speedy and confidential ICT to Operate * Website * Fax * Online support for customers - email Website Blackburn Rovers have a website for supporters. This contains the necessary information for the customers who use the website as a means of buying products and contacting customer services. It is also like a notice board, because all the important information could go on the front page, and that would be regularly updated. This is very useful to the supporters of the club because it could notify them of any information they may need, such as match times, home and away matches and transfers. The organization could also advertise and sell their merchandise through their website. This may take some time and it is not confidential. Fax Blackburn Rovers use a fax machine. This is used to communicate with their competitors, clubs and other companies they are associated with. This is very useful because it can send images and documents to other companies who may require the information via a phone line. It is very cheap to use and not time-consuming at all. ...read more.

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