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Applied ICT internet searchers

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Internet Searches Write-up The information required I need to find information on; * * How much flights will cost * Investigate resorts * Group insurance * Accommodation * Flight times * Nightlife * activities To find out which search engine is best for finding out this information I will search; "Flights to Italy". Using Yahoo, Google and AltaVista. Comparison of search engines For this comparison I searched for using the advanced search facilities of 3 different search engines: Google Alta vista Yahoo Look and feel Simple and easy to use Simple and easy to use Complicated and difficult to find Are the most relevant results at the top? Yes Yes Yes Are there any sponsored links (none/top of list/at the side) ...read more.


of the task because it has good advanced search options and you can use Boolean search options to find more specific helpful results. I will also use Google for a variety of results. Using effective search techniques To help me find the information that I wanted I used a variety of search techniques such as; Simple Search Adding key words Boolean Search Quote marks Use ~ Advanced search I used them to find information on; * How much flights will cost * Investigate resorts * Accommodation * Flight times * Nightlife * Activities Flight costs I wrote what I was searching for in the search bar the clicked "Find" This took me to, where I clicked on "Budget flights" this link took me to, which is a relevant result and I can see that a Flight to Milan from Gatwick costs �95.98 per person. ...read more.


This is why I have used customised simple searches and advanced searches. I thought that Google would give me the best results however I found that AltaVista had good advanced search facilities and supports Boolean searches. Evaluation I used a variety of search techniques such as Boolean searches and the use of the tilde. The information was useful as it has helped me to plan the trip. My initial searches relied on the simple search options however I gained confidence and used the advanced search options and began to customise simple searches using Boolean operators. In future I would plan what I wanted to search and possibly try to use a meta search engine such as dogpile.com Observation Record For use by teacher only Michael Burgess Candidate number 3268 Centre Number 58319 Michael Burgess Candidate number 3268 Centre Number 58319 ...read more.

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