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Article review - Principle Decision for Many, Religious Faith Plays Business Role.

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THIS ARTICLE REVIEW IS PRESENTED TO MR. GRACE AS PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CLASS ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Modesto Bee Richard T. Estrada Principle Decision for Many, Religious Faith Plays Business Role June 8, 2003 Work & Money; Pg. D1 JONATHAN SHANNON October 17, 2003 ARTICLE NUMBER 5 This article mainly contained an interview of Durand Overholtzer, and the manner in which he often calls on his faith when making business decisions, weighing his personal requirement to follow the Scriptures against the opportunity to enhance his company. For the last fifty years he has been using this approach to his business ventures. ...read more.


Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?" Rather that reporting the accountant to the police he closed the doors to his company. The decision although allowing Overholtzer stay true to his faith, caused 65 people to be out of work. The article also makes an interesting point of how the U.S. Constitution requires the separation of church and state, but yet makes no ban on the mixing of religion and business. Normally, in the news bringing religious values into the workplace is almost always positive, and the law sets a minimum standard to follow which is itself based on religious values. ...read more.


Often you read something in the paper about how a business is proclaiming its religious affiliations, or making donations to religious organizations. However, it makes you wonder, how much harm is done, and loss of profit, not necessarily from not breaking a law, but by simply not doing something that others would normally do. Religious beliefs obviously hold a very high value too many people in today's society. In the business world however, it seems to me that a good business should be ran with basic moral guidelines, of honesty and good will. However, I do not think people should use literal scripture to guide their business decisions, especially when these decisions are outside the norm, and could put others out of work. ...read more.

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