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As a member of a team of computer personnel's contracted by Lewin Sports Shoes to develop a new automated system for them. My first task I have been asked to do is to conduct a research into initial stages of the new system.

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Investigation of Lewin Sports Ltd Task1 1 Introduction: As a member of a team of computer personnel's contracted by Lewin Sports Shoes to develop a new automated system for them. My first task I have been asked to do is to conduct a research into initial stages of the new system. Findings: Most of my finding was on the Internet with web sites like: www.webobedia.com Other finding was from a hand out called System Analysis (Chapter 5) 1.1 System analysis is basically a series of steps and the purpose of it can either improve or create a system. As the company (Lewin Sports Ltd) has no present system so a new system is to be created. The three main factors for Lewin Sports to consider is: * Reduced cost: A new system installed would be more likely to be cheaper to maintain then an older system. Also if manual administrative tasks are computerised then fewer staff is needed. * Improved efficiency: Being able to find customers names quicker and storing files for a longer period so vital information doesn't get lost. * Improved quality of information: If a trainer is bought several times then the system can record this so the management can order more known it is a popular trainer. ...read more.


System analysis: Interview with Tim from Lewin Sports Ltd Michael: To put in the picture of this meeting - what I would like you to give me a Investigation of Lewin Sports Ltd Lewin Sports Ltd order service - Interview Michael: What would you like from the new system? Tim: Lewin Sports Ltd is a newly established company. We are intending to market and sell different shoe types. Our aim is to implement a new system, which will enable for us and for our customers to obtain price quotation. The system should make our ordering more easily and efficiently. Michael: Would you like your new system to control the stock - perhaps, to let you know what shoe is moving fast or slow? Tim: Presumably, Yes - the system should keep track of all sales and alert us when shoes is running slow or fast in order for us to purchase all the shoes. I am going to display the invoice of the shoe on screen, so that we can assist the customer's payments, and we don't have to go and look for the price of the shoe. Michael: In the new business, are you going to deal with customer's credit cards? ...read more.


RAD calls for the interactive use of structured techniques and prototyping to define the users' requirements and design the final system. The developer first builds preliminary data and process models of the business requirements. Prototypes then help the analyst and users to verify those requirements, and to formally refine the data and process models. The cycle of models, then prototypes, then models, then prototypes, and so forth ultimately results in a combined business requirements and technical design statement to be used for constructing the new system, which is very similar to Lewin Sport Shoes Ltd. Object-oriented design (OOD) techniques are used to refine the object requirements definitions identified earlier during analysis, and to define design specific objects. Based on a design implementation decision, during OOD that the designer may need to revise the data or process characteristics for an object that was defined during systems analysis. Likewise, a design implementation decision may necessitate that the designer define a new set of objects that will make up an interface screen that the users may interact with in the new system. Both of these lifecycle models are very parallel to Lewin Sport Shoes Ltd in which they are both for new systems but the different with RAD and OOD to the new application of system is RAD and OOD has different stages within there process. Michael Rivet Page 1 28/04/2007 ...read more.

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