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As a student at Challney High School for Boys, my task is to decide whether there is a gap in the market at the school to provide an alternative supply of fast food to the students in years 7-10.

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Business Studies Coursework Guide 2003 Enterprise Option Name Form Teacher Mrs Bunker CHALLNEY HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS Business Studies Coursework Enterprise 'Is there a gap in the market for fast food at Challney?' Name: Candidate No: Centre No: 15223 Contents Page Introduction 4 Business Opportunity 3 Business Description 4 Present Market and Local Business Environment 6 Gap in the Market and Unique Selling Points 7 Aims 7 Objectives 8 Constraints and Controls on Business Activity 9 Marketing Primary Market Research Report 10 Secondary Market research Report 19 Marketing Campaign 20 Pricing Strategies 20 Marketing Mix 21 Company Organisation 23 Sales 25 Finance Sources of Finance 25 Fixed and Variable Costs 26 Break-even Analysis 27 Cash-flow Forecast 28 Profit Forecast 29 Business Viability 27 Evaluation 29 Summary Statement 30 Account Analysis 30 Problems 30 Strategies to Overcome Problems 30 Appendix 31 Introduction As a student at Challney High School for Boys, my task is to decide whether there is a gap in the market at the school to provide an alternative supply of fast food to the students in years 7-10. I will have to compete against three different suppliers of fast foods. One is the Buttery, the second is a company selling ice cream and the third will be selling Samosas. Business Opportunity Business Description Business Formats The British Economy is based on two sectors, the Private sector and the Public sector. The private sector provides services solely for the individuals who are involved in the company e.g. Shareholders. The public sector provides services such as schools and hospitals etc. 1) Sole Trader A sole trader is a business which is owned by one person and it is also controlled by one person. This person is known as a sole trader (proprietor). Many sole traders can be found in local high streets. Sole traders are the most popular types of business in the UK because of its many advantages. ...read more.


The most successful company was Kebab Kingdom as it has a Gross Profit Margin of 48%. The company with the lowest Gross Profit Margin was King Paratha and this company also had the highest cost of sales but Kebab Kingdom had the lowest cost of sales. The Net Profit Margin shows how much money is left to pay dividends to the shareholders of the company after the cost of sales and overheads. King Paratha has the highest Net Profit Margin and this gives king Paratha a very good ability for survival when sale of costs are increased. Wages was the most important fixed cost for each of the companies. The company with the highest and worst fixed costs is King Paratha but Kebab Kingdom has the lowest and best fixed costs. The Return on Capital was fairly good for each of the companies because it did not have a subtract sign next to it. Therefore this means that all the companies made a profit from the capital which they invested. The capitals invested by each company were as follows:- 1) King Paratha= �15.50 2) Kebab Kingdom= �26.00 3) Buns on the Run= �15.00 4) Karachi Kebabs= �23.00 The company which had the best Return on Capital Employed was Kebab Kingdom and King Paratha had the worst Return on Capital Employed. I think the company which has performed the best is Kebab Kingdom and it is the business that I would invest in from the four. This is because the Return on Capital Employed for this company shows that I would get the most money from what I invest into this company than the other 3 companies. Another reason why I would invest in this business is because it has the highest Gross Profit Margin and therefore this means that this company would have the best ability to survive if and when there is a crisis and people who have invested into the business their money would be safe. ...read more.


To overcome this problem the Managing Director told the Marketing Director to in future complete all tasks on time. The directors of each team were also told by the Managing Director to make sure that all tasks were being done and to be strict towards the members of the groups so that all work was done on time. If a group member did not understand what to do after being told several times by the group director then the Business Studies teachers were also available to explain to employees whom didn't understand what to do. If we were to run the business in reality, to make sure there were no problems we would make sure that everything is organised very efficiently in order to suppress any problems. We would also make sure that everyone got out on time on to the playground to start selling our products. We would also make sure that each department does their jobs properly in order for our company to be successful and make a lot of profit. Also each employee would be explained quite a few times what to do. This would then lead to the company being very successful and make profit. Appendix My ideas for: - Company name Bhaji Bazar Slogan "No argy bargy with our onion bhaji" Logo Poster Questionnaire 1) What year are you in? 2) How much money do you bring to school on average? 3) Do you know what an onion bhaji is? 4) Would you prefer your bhaji's hot or cold 5) What filling would you prefer in your bhaji? 6) Where would you prefer to eat your onion bhaji? 7) What would you like to drink with your bhaji? 8) Which sauce would you like to dip your bhaji's in? 9) How would you like your onion bhaji's to be served? 10) If our product was on sale on the playground would you buy it? Name: Page 2 of 32 Candidate No: Centre Number: 15223 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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