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As my primary research, (research that I collected my self) I will be using a questionnaire I chose this method of primary research because it gives the interviewer an easy decision.

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Research Methods in my coursework Primary Research As my primary research, (research that I collected my self) I will be using a questionnaire I chose this method of primary research because it gives the interviewer an easy decision. I also chose this method of research because it is easy to create all types of graphs for example bar,line column and even pie charts The advantage of using this method of research is that it is not time consuming for the interviewer and the questionnaire. Because when the interviewer needs a person to answer questions for research the last thing the person wants is it to take up there time when they probably have other things to do. Another advantage to a questionnaire is that it does not take along time for the researcher to gain results. Because if they were doing an interview then it would be much more time consuming but the answers would be in more depth. A disadvantage of this method of primary research is that the researcher does not get a very detailed answer. So it may not be the interviewers honest opinion because the questionnaire would only offer a yes or no answer so the interviewer cannot offer its in depth real opinion of the question. ...read more.


but it would effect pizza huts figures in the long run and pizza hut will be attracting more customers and make a profit at the same time. The evidence to support my recommendations is that pizza hut lack a variety of sidelines in their menu. Prices I feel for pizza hut to gain maximum profits they need to raise their prices on certain products and lower them on others. Based on the replies to the graph reading "How do people rate the prices at pizza hut" (national survey) 45% of people replied that the prices at pizza hut were average. This is a relatively good figure but I feel that pizza hut could improve this. One of the ways that pizza hut could improve on this percentage I feel is to raise the prices on some products and lower them on others so there profit figures aren't changing dramatically. One of these products that I feel that they should raise the prices on is the soft drinks. I feel this because when visiting pizza hut every customer purchases a drink and if pizza hut were to raise their prices slightly there would be a dramatic increase instantly. Customers wouldn't notice this increase if it was done in proportion with lowering other products to. ...read more.


The promotion above I feel should be targeted at all age groups therefore pizza hut would be able to receive all the profits from the different groups that visit pizza hut. For example Couples, families and friends. Place I feel that the locations of pizza hut are very well placed to bring in the maximum profits needed for the continuation of successful business like pizza hut. The locations that pizza hut place there restaurants are rightly placed for all types of customers,which proves that they do very detailed primary research to find these key locations that attract people from all over the citie. The customer that the location may not be right for is the elderly and disabled. For this area should be targeted by the delivery service which pizza hut offer. The delivery service that pizza hut offer is new to the company. I feel that with this delivery service they will be able to approach customers that cant get out such as the elderly and disabled. They will also be able to compete for more profits as in this area they have competition. I recommend that pizza hut maintain this service even if it is not a hit at the start due to the popularity and demand that is expected of this very successful and growing company Business studies Ramin Mirfakhraee ...read more.

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