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Assess the ways that application of the Intranet can enhance or hinder the management of information with the organisation.

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ASSESS THE WAYS THAT APPLICATION OF THE INTRANET CAN ENHANCE OR HINDER THE MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION WITHIN THE ORGANISATION. introduction This essay will begin with a definition of an intranet and what it's principle uses are in an organisation. It will continue to discuss the intranets effectiveness in facilitating the needs of employees and other tangible and intangible benefits that will enhanse the productivity of the organisation as a whole. Adversely, intranets can also have a negative effect on the organisation and this will also be discussed. The report will consider various literature and case studies of organisations that have implemented this technology and will focus from a managements perspective. ...read more.


Noticeably, the basic concept behind the use of intranets is to support internal processes and encourage sharing of knowledge from all platforms of the organisations. A market research company in the name of Ovum, found that 1.06 million intranets were currenlty in operation across the world and this figure is expected to grow to 6.8 million by the year 2002. An intranet has endless number of applications but they can generally be organised in to three catogories, namely; publishing applcations, transaction applications and community applications. Benefits: :) connectivity :) can be tied to internal corporate system :) can create interactive applications, tect, audio, video :) scalable to larger and smaller computing platforms as requirements change :) ...read more.


the intranet will grow with the organisation and there will be costs involved in this growth. further costs could include; a faster web server, increased disk and memory space, increased bandwidth, support staff to manage the intranet(editors, content co-ordinators). maintnenance costs. * inputting all the information on the intranet, this will take time and energy and money. * If the information is not properly catagorised this will result in employees finding it difficult to retrieve the information the require and this will waste time looking for it. * the intranet will completely transform the way employees conduct thier daily work. It will take a lot of time for them to adjust to it, some might not in the end. * it will increase intranet traffic. * the problem for managers to motivate thier staff at a distance * * * * ...read more.

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