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Assignment 4: ethical issues. The community. P4 and M3

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Terms of reference: In this assignment am going to continue describing the ethical issues within Primark and organisations in general. However in this assignment I will be describing the ethical issues concerning the community. I will also write a recommendation section which highlights how businesses like Primark are required to operate ethically within the community. Procedure: In order to complete this assignment, I am going to use the business book to collect information concerning the ethical issues that may occur in the community. I will also use the Primark Website to look for any information regarding the community. Introduction: Businesses have come to a point where they have realised that the community expects great performances from the business. They would like the business to contribute and anticipate in supporting the community by providing high quality of goods and services. By referring to the community we mean the local community, national and regional communities and the global communities. The community expects Primark to ethically attract the investors and the stakeholders to buy the products. This can be done by sponsoring specific workplace projects such as fashion shows for instance. Different communities have Different expectations for example: Local communities: The local community refers to the people who are surrounded by the business. Primark should operate ethically in order to attract the loyalty of the local community. The community can benefit from the business in many ways, for instance Primark are able to provide jobs for local people, they also have a business that sell high quality of products with a good value of money. ...read more.


Primark is required to follow their regulation in order to operate ethically because WTO consider all the environmental and economic issues and they attempt to avoid any issues concerning these aspects. World health organisation WHO WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. Ethical issues facing communities: Operating unethically may cause disagreement between the community and Primark. Hence it is important to benefit the local community as well as the international one. The community always has different requirements, those that are interested in receiving high quality of goods and services as well as products for a good value of money. There are those that are interested in the business for employments, other communities are interested in the profit of the business. Therefore it is crucial for the business to meet different requirements as it is part of ethical trading. There are many ethical issues that Primark may face, for instance: 1. Globalisation: In general, globalization refers to the trend toward countries joining together economically, through education, society and politics, and viewing themselves not only through their national identity but also as part of the world as a whole. Globalization is said to bring people of all nations closer together, especially through a common medium like the economy or the Internet. Nowadays big businesses like Primark intend to base their manufacturers in poor countries such as India. ...read more.


The challenge lies in turning an organization's code conduct ethics into a relevant, engaging guide; one that inspires a workforce toward self-governing and principled behavior. Create corporate compliance training that emphasizes values, supported by rules. * Educate employees about the company's code of ethics to make it relevant and real. * Reinforce the code conduct ethics, both in and outside the organization. * Encourage employees to become active participants in upholding the code of business conduct and its values. * Continually improve the code conduct ethics by gathering feedback and measuring effectiveness. It is also essential for the managers and owners of the organisation to investigate their own operations, meaning they are required to monitor their factories and monitor their staff performances. Primark should also consider the laws and comply with them effectively in order to operate ethically in the market otherwise it will result in losing the stakeholders and breaking the laws. Primark should consider the concerns of the oversees bodies, because they require different actions from businesses. Some oversees bodies expect the organisation to follow certain laws when advertising for their products, other bodies expect the organisation to follow certain rules when employing and treating employees. Therefore it is important for the organisation to consider those laws as it is all part of operating ethically. They should also consider the importance of these laws, and why businesses are required to follow them effectively. Considering the environment of aspect is also important when operating ethically because consumers will receive the hint that the business is considering their expectations and is helping the environment by organising different activities for the consumers to anticipate in. ?? ?? ?? ?? Maha Abu Nofal Unit 38 Understanding Business Ethics Assignment 4: ethical issues. The community. P4 and M3 ...read more.

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