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assigntment - web development

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Student Name: ............................................. Tutor: ....../...... Deadline Date: 4th December 2006 Unit 5: Web Development TASK 1. PREPARATION: * Work through Front Page tutorial * Work through MS Project tutorial * Investigate clients needs/requirements Deadline Date 13th November 2006 TASK 2. PROJECT PLANNING - Assessment Evidence A: Produce a Project Plan to include: * Identify and list the main and sub tasks to be completed. * The tasks are scheduled for completion in a sensible order that makes efficient use of time and resources. All tasks should be scheduled in line with the deadline date. * Prioritise the tasks to allow for a realistic allocation of time in order to complete them. * Plan tasks to do considering the availability of resources in terms of software/ hardware accessibility at College, at home and elsewhere (library etc.) * Remember to include regular meeting times with your client to discuss the development of the web site. ...read more.


DESIGN continued.. Part 3: Introduction Detailed explanation of your design to include; * Purpose of the site * Audience (age/gender) * Explain reasons for chosen layout, colours, font, font size, images, animation, graphics, accessibility, interaction, navigation etc. * Originality and fitness for purpose Deadline Date: 20th November 2006 (8.45 am) TASK 4. PROTOTYPE - Assessment Evidence (C) Prototype 1 1. Your first prototype will consist of web pages showing all aspects of your initial design (see task 3); including colour, font, size, graphics, images, interaction, additional features etc. 2. You must get feedback from the client to check that you are creating the site to their requirements before proceeding further with the development of the website. 3. You must take into account any comments made by the client with regard to amendments and changes to the site. 4. You may have to rearrange your plan in the light of these changes. 5. You must show that you have effectively used the prototypes and feedback in conjunction with your plan to make necessary amendments and improvements in the light of feedback from your client. ...read more.


make a sensible recommendation how the site could be improved. Deadline Date: 29th November 2006 TASK 6 - OUTLINE PROPOSAL - Assessment Evidence E Create a proposal to enhance/improve the functionality of the client's site in order that he can support e-commerce. Your proposal should be in simple non-technical language and include: * Clearly stated proposal. * Purpose and audience. * A detailed explanation of the proposal. * Options your client may wish to consider. * An explanation how this proposal could be implemented. What would be involved in setting up this proposal? (h/w, s/w, cost, advantages, disadvantages, speed, security, legislation (DPA)). Deadline Date: 4thth December 2006 (8.45 am) TASK 7 - E-PORTFOLIO to include: * Project Planning (Baseline + several amended plans). * Design of site including: o Storyboards o Structure Diagram o Flow Chart. * Screenshots of prototypes together with feedback from the client. * Evidence of testing the site showing that it is fully operational. * Outline proposal to enhance/improve the site for e-commerce. * Authentication statement. Deadline Date: 4th December 2006 (4pm) ?? ?? ?? ?? AS GCE in Applied ICT MAT 1 November 2006 ...read more.

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