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Associated Industries Limited also known as AINLIM is one of the larger trading companies operating in Guyana and it represents the Neal & Massy Group's first business venture in Guyana

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Associated Industries Limited (Guyana) The business type of Associated Industries Limited (Guyana) is a private limited company. Its headquarters is located at 5, Ruimveldt, Greater Georgetown, Guyana, South America, and it has been in operation for 36 years. Associated Industries Limited also known as AINLIM is one of the larger trading companies operating in Guyana and it represents the Neal & Massy Group's first business venture in Guyana. It maintains a tradition of making available to the Guyana market, high quality and internationally renowned branded products. Genuine spares are available for all products marketed and technicians are trained by principals to provide warranty and after sales service. AINLIM operates out of modern facilities that provide a comfortable work environment for their customers and 120 staff complement. It is also conveniently located on the outskirts of the busy Georgetown city center in Ruimveldt which is located in the county of Demerara with branches ideally located in the other two counties, Berbice and Essequibo. These provide the nucleus for distributing the whole range of products marketed by the company and where necessary - agro chemicals, agencies, batteries and tyres - products are offered through more than 200 Dealers located throughout the populated areas. Associated Industries Limited (Guyana) engages in: * Automative /Industrial Equipment and Support Services as can be seen in the Associated Industries Limited (Vehicle Components Department). Genuine spares are available for all products marketed and technicians are trained by principals to provide warranty and after sales service. AINLIM (Vehicle Components Department) operates out of modern facilities that provide a comfortable environment for their customers and staff. AINLIM (Vehicle Components Department) engages in selling a whole range of products like batteries, tyres, vehicle parts, vehicle oils etc. * I.T. & Communications as can be seen in its CCS (Guyana) Ltd. division. CCS Guyana Limited comprises six (6) major divisions and two (2) retail outlets. ...read more.


The effect of taxes on AINLIM AINLIM pays income taxes, corporate taxes and property taxes. It pays 46.6% of its profit in taxes. Taxes will be charged to AINLIM. This will affect AINLIM because if the taxes that it is charged are high, the prices of its products will have to be high to compensate for the loss, and not lead to a major profit loss. This may dissatisfy the customers and cause AINLIM to lose customers as a result of over - pricing. However, if taxes decrease the likelihood is consumers will buy more. Thus, AINLIM would gain more profit with a reduction in the amount being paid for taxes and its products would also be cheaper. The effects of a change of government on AINLIM The People's Progressive Party is currently in control in Guyana. If during the next elections, the government party changes, AINLIM may still not be affected, as the other party would still promote private enterprise because the state controlled businesses are not very efficient. The state controlled businesses do not employ many people. Through privatised companies, more people are employed. This is an advantage to the government as it means less people will be unemployed, therefore, claiming less benefits etc. from the government. The effects of environmental constraints on AINLIM The impact a business's operations has on the environment is a very important aspect of its ethical position. The environment which we live in can be greatly affected by business activity. Air and noise pollution from manufacturing processes, road congestion caused by heavy trucks, business expansion into country areas, emissions of gases that can lead to global warming and the use of scarce resources - these are all 'environmental issues' that are of increasing concern to people and governments all over the world. AINLIM helps to protect the environment by disposing of waste in compliance with regulations. It also pays a private garbage company to dispose of its waste for it. ...read more.


has one. AINLIM and Neal and Massy Holdings Limited do not allow customers to shop for products online. Hence, this could reduce AINLIM's competitive edge, since it may have had more customers if it had enabled online shopping for its products. However, AINLIM's parent company, Neal and Massy Holdings Ltd. advertises vacancies on its website and it even has an online employment application form for persons to apply for jobs at any one of its subsidiary companies. This is beneficial to AINLIM and to Neal and Massy Holdings Ltd. since it facilitates faster, accurate and more efficient communication between persons applying for jobs and Neal and Massy holdings Ltd. Technology has also had an impact on the labour force of AINLIM. The labour force has had to be trained to use technology like computers. This is beneficial to AINLM, as persons employed will be more skilled and they will help AINLIM to maintain a competitive edge. However, this also has disadvantages. It is often said that younger employees are more adaptable and easier to train in new technologies while older workers are often said to show more loyalty to a business and will have years of experience which could improve customer service. It is most likely that older persons who are 'technology-illiterate' will be disadvantaged and AINLIM will also be disadvantaged to an extent. The use of technology can also be disadvantageous to AINLIM: * It contributes to added costs. * The use of visual display units on word processors and computers can have effects on workers' eyesight (as a consequence of being exposed to computer glare). * The use of technology can cause other health problems like suffering from the effects of isolation from physical contact with workers and health problems associated with posture and lighting. AINLIM keeps up- to- date with technology since its parent company, Neal and Massy holdings Ltd. in Trinidad provides it with regular updates, for example, it provides AINLIM with new software, it finances the buying of new computers and it disposes of obsolete and slow- running technology. ...read more.

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