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Audi TV Advert. Describe the role of advertising agencies and the media in the development of a successful promotional campaign

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P3 - Describe the role of advertising agencies and the media in the development of a successful promotional campaign The advert that I have chosen is the advert called "Beauty and the Beasts" which is an advert for the Audi R8 Spyder. The advertising agency used to make this advert was BBH. BBH BBH is an advertising agency that was first opened in March 1982. They are independently owned and managed. They can be located in London, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Shanghai and Mumbai. BBH employ 928 people. BBH are best known for their creativity. Media planning The media planning for the Audi R8 Spyder advertisement was done by BBH. The film, shot in London's ExCel centre, features 28 outlandish, beastlike and heavily modified cars, which are juxtaposed by the elegance and beauty of the R8 Spyder. The media planning team of the Audi R8 Spyder advert mainly controls how and where the product will be advertised. The channels that they had chosen to advertise on were ITV1, Channel 4 and they were also advertised on Sky Sports. They chose these channels because it targets their target audience and that these are highly watched channels, they also decide which magazine to advertise in. Designing the adverts The purpose of the advert was to show how well car handles, how great it looks and to show the power and precision of the 5.2 Quattro V10 engine. ...read more.


They get their products aware by having them in showroom windows, and using billboards. Advantages of using advertising agencies: * Media availability * Meeting deadlines * Professional * Experience * Unique ideas/creative * Quality Disadvantages of advertising agencies: * Costly * Unfamiliar with the product * Unclear expectations * May take longer * Laws and regulations not considered might lead to bad reputation of the business. Advantages of using a professional agency Disadvantages of using a Professional agency * They know a lot more about advertising and are more professional and know how to choose the appropriate audience for your product and how to market your product at the that specific audience e.g. Audi can choose a target audience such as men to target their cars at and use professional and unique things such as engine parts that are in the car which the audience would immediately recognise and be interested in * Advertising agencies know a range of ways to advertise and have a lot of media availability e.g. billboards, radio, T.V and posters to help Audi create awareness of a new car or service that they offer and the advantage of this is that they have more knowledge on how they can use these media availability options than Audi and are more skilled * Advertising agencies are also better at meeting deadlines for specific adverts and advertising new cars or services at a particular time of year e.g. ...read more.


Audi may want to advertise in all media availability methods but the advertising agency may struggle because they are unsure on how to do this because it would be difficult to advertise using all methods * Advertising agencies may also take longer to get the advertisement out to the public and not meet the deadlines of Audi because they have other advertisements that need to be done and would not meet the deadlines of Audi which would create problems e.g. the advertising agencies may be making an advert for Mercedes and at the same time be creating an advert for Audi and would depend on who asked to make the advert first * Advertising agencies also manage to create an advert of much better quality than Audi because of the resources they have at their disposal e.g. professional printers that can create great looking posters whereas Audi may create an inferior advertisement and would look less appealing to the audience * Laws and regulations not considered might lead to bad reputation of the business so the advertising agency would struggle and could create an advertisement that is offensive to the public because it has not been approved by the government and would create a bad image for Audi e.g. the advertising agency could accidentally put a song that has bad language in it and would have negative feedback from the public ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC Business Level 3 M2 ...read more.

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