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Avon is a company selling beauty and related products. The service provides customers with products of the highest quality

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Introduction In this project I will undertake extensive research into a large sized business. I have previously chosen the company Avon. My research will involve the collection of both primary and secondary data. I will compete the report, which will include: * Brief background information about the business and what it does * A description of the aims and objectives of the business * An assessment of how successful the business is in meeting its objectives * An explanation of the legal structure of the business and consider how appropriate is it * An explanation of how each functional area contributes towards the aims and objectives of the organization * A detailed explanation and diagram of the organizational structure and communication channels of business * An analysis of the management style and organizational culture, that considers how they affect the performance of the business and helps meet objectives * A description of the ICT methods used for both internal and external communication * A detailed analysis of the impact of ICT upon internal and external communications of the business and consider how this affects performance of the business * An examination of how structure, management style and culture interrelate to determine the success of the business * Descriptions of the quality assurance and control systems used in the business and analyse how effective these are in adding value * A consideration of alternative methods of quality control including their potential benefits and drawbacks, and the effects it could have on functions and objectives of the business. Task A Name of business - Avon Location - Corby Brief history of the business * The Avon Company began in 1886, originally called California Perfume Company (CPC). It was founded by David H. McConnell. * The first text only catalogue was issued in 1896. * As CPC was expanding adverts appeared in magazines and a colour catalogue was produced. ...read more.


This statement is broader and refers to more things because Boots sells many other products other that cosmetics ad has branches of shops all over the country. Avon is aimed more at a female audience, although they sell men's items too. 'That best understands and satisfies the needs of women'. The mission statement for Avon ends with 'globally', showing that the quality of service if the same all over the world. Task D Types of business Sole trader A sole trader is the simplest form of business. There is only one owner, who has total control over the decision making and running of the business. The owner is self-employed. It is very easy to set up a sole trader business, as there are not many legal processes to go through. Private limited companies These have the word. 'Limited' after their name, indicating that the company is owned by shareholders who have limited liability. They are often abbreviated to Ltd. Liability: the shareholders' personal assets are protected if the business falls. You can only lose what you have put into the business. Management: The business is controlled by the board of directors. They are each held personally responsible for it's management and must act in the company's best interest. Finance: Capital is raised by the sale of shares, although not to the general public. Profits: Dividends are paid to the shareholders. Taxes: The directors are employed by the company through the PAYE tax system. Continuity: The Company is a legal entity in it's own right and can be sold, or buy shares in other companies. It has 'perpetual existence'. Public limited companies The main difference between private and public limited companies is that public limited companies have no restriction on the number of shareholders or on the freedom to buy and sell shares. Shares in public limited companies can be bought and sold on the stock market at any time by individual members of the public, other companies or organisations. ...read more.


Advantages Disadvantages Control is kept in the hands of the person at the top No limit to the number of levels between person at the top and bottom Clearly defined chain of command Decision making can be slow Everyone knows their role Information may be interpreted differently Span of control The number of employees a manager or supervisor has authority over is called their span of control. Narrow span Broad span Flat structures To overcome the disadvantages of hierarchical structures, some organizations have reduced the number of management levels, which brings the senior managers closer to the operatives. Advantages Disadvantages Faster flow of communication Could have more than one boss Managers and operatives may feel they have more responsibility for their own work. Only useful for small organisations Matrix Structures This type of structure is often used for running specific projects. Specialists are brought together from different departments to share knowledge and give advise about the work. When the project is finished, the group is usually disbanded and the regrouped for the next project. Avon's organizational structure is hierarchical. The structure is hierarchical because each level is controlled by the level above it. The person at the top, Andrea Jung, has overall responsibility. The director is responsible for communicating company policy and making sure it is carried out. Managers are in charge of each departments and are responsible for carrying out the director's decisions. Their role is to organize staff and motivate them. They must be good at communication. This organisational chart is a visual image of the company. The structure indicates the flow of communication, with the director above who gives information to the various other departments with the communication flow moving down. It also shows the responsibility of individuals and who they are responsible to. For example, the sales division is responsible for the project manager section, and are accountable to the legal department, and at a higher level, the director of the company. Vicky Canavan Business Coursework 1 ...read more.

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