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B Beautiful is thinking of doing a promotion to try and get more customers so the company will be more known.B Beautiful - nail bar, specialise in Jessica products. It is a medium sized shop located in the town centre

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Promotion Activity B Beautiful is thinking of doing a promotion to try and get more customers so the company will be more known. B Beautiful - nail bar, specialise in Jessica products. It is a medium sized shop located in the town centre. The company has come up with an idea which they will hope to interest more clients. Types of promotion: * Informative advertising- the highest spender, this is the Government. Most of this advertising is aimed at giving information to the public. New businesses like mine also have to inform customers that a new business wants to serve them. * Persuasive advertising- Designed to persuade the public to buy a particular product e.g. Nail products * Sales promotion- this is including discounts coupons, free offers competitions, demonstrations and displays. * Direct marketing- addressed mailing and telephone B Beautiful have decided to do a sales promotion where clients have a basic manicure (priced at �24.00), they get a Jessica nail varnish at retail price of just �4.65. ...read more.


Quantity. Quantity Full colour front, Unprinted back Full colour front, Black on back Full colour front and back 1,000 �129 �179 �219 2,000 �149 �189 �229 5,000 �189 �199 �239 10,000 �219 �229 �249 25,000 �459 �559 �597 50,000 �719 �729 �749 100,000 �1,299 �1,399 �1,499 250,000 �2,999 �3,099 �3,199 All of the above prices do not include VAT. From the research on flyers I found that the prices are reasonably cheap. If this is the best option to advertise, I would have to think of a very good way in how to make the flyer interesting. Maybe putting a voucher on the back of the flyer offering "half price nail varnish when you bring this voucher". Doing this voucher offer should hopefully stop people from discarding the flyer in the bin. I also thought using big bold and bright colours to get the readers attention. Way flyers can be used: * Post them through doors * Put them into the local papers * Hand them out when people walk past in town * Putting them in a little box inside shops and pubs so people can take them if they want to. ...read more.


Local customers would much more prefer to visit B Beautiful as it is near by. By Reading Evening Post Evening Post Time Series Reading Central Standard Series ROP �7.50 �3.70 �7.95 �4.85 Situations Vacant �18.00 �9.00 �11.00 �9.00 Property �7.50 �3.70 �7.95 �4.85 Motors �7.50 �3.70 �7.95 �4.85 Entertainment �7.50 �4.40 �7.50 �4.40 Classified �7.50 �4.40 �7.50 �4.40 Services �7.50 �4.40 �7.50 �4.40 Public Notices �13.00 �13.00 �13.00 �13.00 The best way for B Beautiful to advertise for their promotion is by newspaper (Reading Evening post) Reasons are: * Lot of people read it * Local readers * Cheap way of advertising Advertising by newspaper for 4 weeks, every Monday: * 28th November 2005 * 5th December 2005 * 12th December 2005 * 19th December 2005 Advertising Amount Cost Evening Post Advertising 1 Day �7.50 Every Monday Evening Post 4 Weeks �30.00 A4 Poster 1 0.10 Total �30.10 Total Profit altogether for 40 treatments done being: Profit 40 Treatments formed �720.00 Advertising -�30.10 Total Profit �689.90 Total profit altogether for 20 treatments done being: Profit 20 Treatments formed �340.00 Advertising -�30.10 Total Profit �309. ...read more.

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