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Bag with iPod control

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MUSIC BAG INTRODUCTION: Let's now move into the future and start carrying our tunes with our new product which is named as MUSIC BAG. It will be the first iPod control speaker pack and here we will be using ElekTex Smart Fabric technology which is a fabric which can transmit electrical signals and an ultra-thin internal speaker which will provide excellent sound quality. It provides exclusive, multi-function listening to your iPod which is already attached with the bag. Listen with ear piece or through a headset, while having full control of your iPod through the 5-button feature located on the strap, or share your tunes loudly through the speaker, using your iPod, MP3, or other audio player. It eliminates the need to carry additional speakers. This is a laptop bag which will provide us with music on the go, where we can share music with our friends and can hear it loudly when sitting in a gathering. The features included are as follows Features: * Available in Black and Brown * Made of 420d jacquard and 1680d ballistic nylon * IPOD shuffle built in * Padded laptop compartment * Quick-access pocket up front for your phone and wallet * Many additional pockets for business or personal accessories * Water bottle pocket in back * Soft air-flow ...read more.


BALLISTIC NYLON Ballastic nylon used in our product is a very durable material before it was used to stop bullets in world war 2, but it did not proved to stop bullets but still as being a durable material it is use for many purposes of providing strength to the products. One of the first applications had to do with luggage. Ballistic nylon is ideal choice for luggage and can be used on the interior of the suitcase and at the trunk. This fabric along with the strength it has it is very easy to clean. In the past years soft-sided luggage became more popular, and ballistic nylon proved to be perfect for these type of bag supports, they can be placed as interior lining of the new style and fashion able bags to make them more durable. Today, everything from carry-on luggage to gym bags is often made of ballistic nylon. Luggage is not the only modern use for ballistic nylon. Many other products like jackets are made from the material today, as well as tools belts are which are worn by people to carry their stuff and by the construction workers to keep their stuff is also made with this same material to give them the extra strength to keep their heavy items. ...read more.


Advertising: It is used to develop attitudes, create awareness, and transmit information in order to gain a response from the target market. There are many advertising 'media' such as newspapers (local, national, free, trade), Youth magazines and journals, cinema where mostly the youngsters come to watch movies, outdoor advertising (such as posters. We can do al this advertising on places where youth likes to come, CONCLUSION: We have launched this new product named as MUSIC BAG, this is a unique laptop bag which will is made with high quality fabric and we used ElekTex smart fabric technology to control the IPod Shuffle with the help of buttons provided on the strap of the bag. With this product we are focusing on the young generation who has to carry bags to their schools or colleges. And they carry their IPods as well, so our idea was to provide both the baggage with IPod together additionally the product has provided up with a speaker which will help to enjoy the music with their friends and family when on trip. The target market we have focused on is the middle and high income group as IPod it is self is an expensive brand. So with this product we are expecting a very good response, we will be using different marketing media to promote this product to new generation. ...read more.

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