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Baltimore Royale Suites.

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1 Introduction This study provides information on Baltimore Royale Suites. Section 2 of this document contains internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. Also this section contains advantages and disadvantages for all-suite hotels. Section 3 of this document contains recommendations for Baltimore Royale Suites. 2 Situation Analysis and Preliminary Assessment This section includes a SWOT analysis of the Baltimore Royale Suites case study and preliminary assessments based on currently available data regarding market conditions, market segmentation, and market size. 2.1 S.W.O.T. Analysis of the Royale Suites case study This section reviews the strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and external threats (SWOT) for Baltimore Royale Suites in its current situation. Internal Strengths * There is no ordinary rooms in the hotel * Quality evaluations are very good compared to competitors * Located a within blocks of the financial district and Inner Harbor tourist sites External Opportunities * Increase sales figures * Increase net profit Internal Weaknesses * Not too many amenities * Received little promotion both ...read more.


It wasn't long, however, before the benefits to traveling families became equally apparent. Private sleeping areas for parents or for children's naptime and kitchen facilities to save money on meals as well as to accommodate children's eating patterns are among the benefits of all-suite travel for families with children. The market for Baltimore Royale Suites can be reasonably segmented into two categories: business travelers and leisure travelers. * Business Travelers - need hotel rooms year round, but usually emphasize weekdays (M-T). They are likely to evaluate the hotel on the following criteria: price (although not very price sensitive, they can't afford to be too free and easy with their expenses), level of personal service provided, degree of physical luxury (rooms, restaurants, lobby, decor, extra amenities) location relative to next days business meetings, ambiance / atmosphere of hotel and quality of upkeep (clean and fresh). * Leisure Travelers - tend to visit on weekends. ...read more.


It's going to be tough to get the hotel started due to the falling economy. The hotel needs to get a good staff. Staff is very important because they leave a lasting impression on the customers. Royale Suites needs to really concentrate on customer satisfaction. If they can get customer satisfaction then they have got through half the battle. Royale Suites should also concentrate on online sales. Everyone uses the Internet and that's where he or she will find most of there traveling accommodations. Royale Suites should also go to different businesses and explain to them all the amenities that they offer. They should also reevaluate their amenities because it seems by the survey that they are low in that factor. I believe the Baltimore Royale Suites will do just fine. Business people are traveling all the time and they definitely like idea of all suite hotels. It's roomier, very convenient for business meeting and they have privacy which in ordinary hotels they lack that greatly. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katherine Bettencourt 62.501.201 Marketing Fundamentals Final Case Assignment 1 ...read more.

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3 star(s)

Parts of this essay are good and there is a good basic structure. Some of the analysis is weak and the writer needs to get their thinking a little clearer.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 01/05/2013

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