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Ben Sherman

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How promotion is integrated within the whole marketing mix to achieve the business aims and objectives. Ben Sherman has a variety of objectives to make sure that the business keeps growing instead of declining. Some of the objectives are as follows:- * Compelling, High Value-Added Products * Customer-Driven Service- the company strives to increase each customer's sales and profits. Ben Sherman's competitive advantage by anticipating, understanding, and satisfying their specific needs better than their competitors do. * Superior People and Organization- Success in the company progressively faster moving, more complex business environment requires recruiting and retaining talented, motivated people and empowering them to decide and act. * Globally Competitive Costs and Expenses- Ben Sherman's strategy for achieving ongoing globally competitive costs in this environment is a flexible, changing blend of owned factories, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and arm's-length purchases. * Superior Knowledge and Information- Ben Sherman believe that superior knowledge and information about the markets to which they sell and the markets from which they source can be a basis for competitive advantage. ...read more.


The company also needs to make more promotional offers to their loyal customers. Ben Sherman must also locate their goods in a well known area to attract rich customers that are willing to pay a large amount of money for luxury items. Places, products and the type of promotion used reflect the price of the product. Furthermore, the company (Ben Sherman) must in addition provide more information regarding the products and services they provide. Some promotion is designed to help customers in the search stage of the purchasing process which is another part of the 8Ps marketing mix (process). It is very important to explain what the product is and who designed it for example designer and materials used. This will essentially assist to achieve the company's objectives. In other circumstances, where the goods compete in an existing market, informational promotion may be used to assist with a product positioning strategy. Marketers may use promotional means, as well as direct comparisons with competitor's goods, in an effort to get consumers to distinguish the marketer's product from those of competitors. ...read more.


In order for Ben Sherman to gain this objective, the company needs to train their staff as soon as they start working or perhaps while the induction. Employing the correct staff and training them correctly in the delivery of their service is necessary if the Ben Sherman wants to attain a form of competitive advantage. Consumers make judgements and deliver an opinion of the service based on the employees they cooperate with. Employees should have the suitable interpersonal skills, approach, and service knowledge to supply the service that consumers are paying for particularly in an expense store that sells Ben Sherman's product. By recruiting the right staff, Ben Sherman will certainly achieve their objectives. Ben Sherman must reinforce the Brand in order to gain their objectives. When a purchase is completed, the marketing department for Ben Sherman can use promotion to assist and help build a strong connection that can lead to the purchaser becoming a loyal customer for Ben Sherman's company. For example, several retail stores in the UK now ask for a customer's email address so that follow-up emails containing additional product information or even to buy other goods from the retailer can be sent in order to strengthen the customer-marketer relationship. ...read more.

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