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Benefits of technology.

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Outline of Presentation * Computer technology * Benefits of technology * Recommended software for use in the hotel * Order of work to be done * Considerations made to be done for the relocation * Affection to guests and their movements * Forward planning to be made for refurbishment * Specialists involved * Measures taken 1/In our increasingly complex society computers are being used in business more and more. They can be used to process information on which to base decisions as well as a storage system making information readily available. It is reasonable to say that, without the power of computer systems, today's modern business world could not function. One particular organizational function they facilitate is marketing. Such things as invoices, stock checks, purchase orders, purchase progress reports and other standardized document forms can be exchanged bi-directionally between computer systems instantaneously for automatic processing. ...read more.


The Internet has many commercial/business applications, particularly much so where marketing is concerned. The number of people who own or have access to a computer connected to the Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate so a global market is easily obtainable for any organization. Internet technology can be used by organizations to create Intranets (a private network which can be used for the likes of passing corporate information) and Extranets (like an Intranet but for customers, suppliers and other associates). Basically, regular customers are issued with a loyalty card that they hand over at the checkout every time they purchase. According to their purchases, they gain some type of reward such as future discounts. 3/ As there are so many software packages in the market to fulfill the requirement for hotels. ...read more.


4/ In this order, firstly handle the dampness on the outside east facing wall followed by fixing the Victorian wallpaper because such an activity will take the most time and care. Finally, the front desk will probably require some sort of internet installation which is the least time consuming and therefore can be done last. Front Office - property management functions for reservations, front desk, cashier, housekeeping, night audit, system set up and reports. Sales & Catering - enables booking and inventory information, shared room types and rate availability grids, and real-time group selling. Food & Beverage - manages all inventories for entire hotel operation (including food, beverage, furniture, fittings and engineering), and provides integrated purchasing and menu-mix calculation function. Engineering Management - manages work requests, labor and material costs, and budget reporting for facility maintenance. Back Office - records front office revenues and statistics daily. ...read more.

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