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Brazilian football player profiles.

Extracts from this document...


COURSEWORK 1A Brazilian football player profiles. Name: FAREED MOHAMMED Candidate No: Centre No: 15223 CHALLNEY HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS 1. Introduction * The purpose of my task is to inform the general public about the Brazilian football players. I will create a profile for each of the 11 players. * I am creating this task for people who want to know facts about the Brazilian squad. This site is intended for all ages, as it will not contain any inappropriate material, which may cause offence etc. * I will need pictures of my chosen 11 players of the Brazilian fc. I will also need internal and external links and a profile for each player. I may also have animations on my site to make it appeal to my audience. Example 1 I am writing a book aimed at 6 year olds. The book is about the adventures of a Leprechaun who has lost his pot of gold. It will need lots of pictures and the text needs to contain lots of short words in a clear font so hat the children will be able to read it for themselves. Example 2 I am creating this website for teenagers interested in cricket. It will contain pages and links about the Pakistan cricket team and players. There will be some text but mainly pictures and statistics about the players and recent matches. 2. Collecting Information For the Task Key Skill 1 Find different types of information from IT sources and non IT sources * I have typed the appropriate text into an Internet search engine. Below is a screen dump of the search engine. * Following this search I have found many external links which would provide Information to help me create my website. Below is a screen dump of the search engine showing external links. I have managed to collect enough information which includes both pictures and text to produce my website. ...read more.


skills 3, 5 and 8, however, for 3, 5, and 8 you have been working with images and text that came from the ICT sources. For these Key skills - 16 and 18 you will be working with text and images that you found as a result of searching. This is a very important difference. * I copied and pasted text from an internet web site as the site did not carry a copywrite. * I will reformat the above copied text to make it look more appealing and intresting. Also there is too much information here and the reader may just scan through rather then reading all of it.scan through so I will make each point shorter. * I will reformat the picture of ronaldo and make it larger but I will leave a fair distance between the text and the picture to make it look more spacious. * Here are two examples of consistency. The pictures and text are both set out in the same way on both of the pages. The home page is set out differently because the home page needs to be attractive and eye catching also it does not need to contain much information so there is much more room for a bigger picture also you can overlap the heading over the picture but on the other pages you cannot as this will not look very nice. Key Skill 21 Present information in a consistent way * * The writing style- Font size, Font style, Font colour are all the same. * All profile pages apart from the home page and final page contain the same consistant font style,colour,size. Use this template and your write-up will be presented consistently Key Skill 9 Make sure your work is accurate and clear Key Skill 10 Save information so it can be found easily * I have used appropriate folder names where my work is saved. ...read more.


Mark Grid Use this section to tick off each mark as you think you achieve it. Remember you will need to get the Level 1 skill mark before you can collect the Level 2 mark Key Skill Mark Level 1 Key Skill Mark Level 2 1 Find different types of information from IT sources and non IT sources 13 Identify suitable sources of information 14 Search for information using multiple criteria 2 Decide what information is relevant for your purpose 15 Interpret information and decide what is relevant to your purpose 3 Enter and bring in information using formats that help development 16 Enter and bring together information using formats that help development 4 Explore information 17 Explore information as needed for your purpose 5 Develop information in the form of text, images and numbers 18 Develop information in the form of text, images and numbers 19 Derive new information 6 Use appropriate layouts for presenting different types of information, including text, images and numbers 20 Select and use appropriate layouts for presenting combined information 7 Present information in a consistent way 21 Present information in a consistent way 8 Develop the presentation to meet your purpose 22 Develop the presentation to suit your purpose and types of information including text, images and numbers 9 Make sure your work is accurate and clear 23 Ensure your work is accurate and clear and is saved appropriately 10 Save information so it can be found easily 11 Demonstrate knowledge of how IT can help you in your work and be able to compare your use of IT with other methods 24 The advantages and disadvantages of using IT 25 When it is necessary to observe copyright or confidentiality 26 How to identify errors and their causes 27 How to minimise risks from viruses 12 Work safely and take care of equipment, avoid losing information and know how to get help when dealing with errors 28 How to work safely and minimise health risks Total (12) Total (16) Grand total (28) * * ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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