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Break it like Beckham - Manchester United football club has a number of stakeholders.

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Manchester United football club has a number of stakeholders. Stakeholders are an individual or group with a direct interest in an organisations performance. The main stakeholders are the employees, the shareholders, customers, suppliers, financers and the local community. The employees main interests are to get pay rises and to get better training, the team players for example want better training so they can perform better and more effectively. The shareholders main interests are, that Manchester United play good games and win as much as possible therefore the share prices go up, and the shareholders get more dividends. ...read more.


The suppliers are also stakeholders and their main interests are that Manchester united keep-purchasing products from them so they will be making lots of profits. The main interests of the employees (the football players) are to get paid highly and to have good training facilities. The way they cold influence the employer would be to threaten not to turn up to training lesson etc. another main interest of the players would be to play in a lot of matches regularly so they could exercise their skills. ...read more.


They want a good contract now that England are in the world cup The Suppliers Profit from the club buying their products They want more people to buy their product The Local Business holders The most profit from the fans They want to promote Manchester United and get profit from the fans. This will be easier now that they The Shareholders The most profit from the clubs dividends Share price may drop, due to not performing quite as well. Customers The cheapest prices Financiers The most business from the club ...read more.

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