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BTEC Business. Organisational Structure in different types of business.

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P3 The main purpose of an organisational structure is to help everyone know who does what. To have an efficient and properly functioning business, each employee in that business needs to know that there are people to handle each kind of task. At the same time, an organisational structure essentially makes sure that people aren't running up against each other or arguing as everyone will be doing their own little bit. Another purpose of a structure with clearly defined roles, functions, scopes of authority and systems is that it will help make sure your people are working together to accomplish everything the business must do. Additionally, an organisational structure is to establish lines of control and communication. Benefits of a clear organisation structure(2) An organisational structure is the framework that helps employees achieve their goals and do their jobs but a very clear organisation structure will make it a lot easier for the employees of a business to complete their job since they'll know exactly what they need to do and also who they report to if anything goes wrong. Also, a clear organisational structure could reduce the percentage of redundancy by eliminating extra and unproductive processes. Organisational Chart(3) An organisational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization in terms of relations among personnel or departments. ...read more.


Human resources functions include: * Advertising job vacancies * Arranging staff training and encouraging continuous professional development * Checking health and safety and keeping accident records * Notifying staff of promotion opportunities Customer services Customer service is concerned with looking after customers at all stages of their relationship with a company. Customer services functions include: * Answering customer enquiries about products and services * Solving customer problems * Analysing records of customer complaints to resolve problem areas * Providing after-sales service, including replacing damaged goods, Arranging for repairs or for spare parts to be obtained and fitted Marketing The marketing function is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements. Market involves carrying out market research to find out which types of customers make up a particular market, what they want, where they want it, how they like it and at what price. Marketing functions include: * Producing and distributing publicity materials, such as catalogues or brochures * Promoting products and services through a variety of adverting and promotional methods like TV, online, or sponsorship * Analysing market research responses and advising senior managers of the results and implications * Designing, updating and promoting the company website Sales The sales function is responsible for getting customers to buy what the company produces. ...read more.


For example British Gas is split into residential energy supply, energy services and business energy services and supply The same is done with all the other product groups except for Centrica storage because Centrica doesn't have customers it just processes and stores energy. On the other hand, Direct Energy and Centrica energy are structured in a similar way to British Gas with a flat structure consisting of the types of customers at the bottom. Images of how Direct Energy and Centrica energy are structured are below. Finally, Centrica is then divided into geographical areas for the call centres. For example British Gas's call centres would consist of a call centre manager then below the manager would be 14 teams with 12-15 workers per team. Martin House Hospice Martin House is structured in a fairly simple way. They are structured by functional area and type of customer in order to keep themselves organised. The Martin House functional structure includes: * A care team * A cook team * An admin staff, * A care staff, * Volunteers, * Office staff, * A Fundraising team * Doctors * Social workers and many more Martin House are also structured in types of customer. Within Martin House they have a teenage unit where they have personnel who only deal with teenagers and then they have a separate who deal with the normal children unit. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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