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BTEC Level 3 In this assignment I will be going to assess how Nike could improve its operations ethically

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´╗┐Unit 37 M1 In this assignment I will be going to assess how Nike could improve its operations ethically in relation to my points brought up in the P task. WORKING CONDITIONS Although Nike may have little control over other nations? labor practices, it should strive to ensure safe working conditions. Engineers should try to use chemicals that are safer for both humans and the environment when possible, and proper ventilation systems should be installed inside of factories to ensure that workers are able to breathe fresh air and work in cooler environments. Nike should hire independent inspectors to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations. ...read more.


However Nike must insure that no child labour is taking place in their business, if not for the business but for the community their factories are in and the families of the children as child labour has many consequences that effect children dramatically. MEDIA RELATIONS Should Nike wish to improve its public image it should do so in a manner that is acceptable and non-threatening to the foreign government. For example, Nike has created the Nike Foundation which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ?giving the world?s neediest girls the opportunities to lead full, active lives and contributes to fighting poverty through investments in adolescent girls?. ...read more.


For example, it could have voluntarily installed certain equipment into foreign factories at its expense, which would have made for a better working environment. Knowing that certain chemicals are not good for the health, Nike could have provided certain measures to purify the air and could have used less harmful chemicals in the production of their products. In terms of wages, Nike acted correctly in not trying to raise wages too much above the standard. An attempt to do so might have caused potentially unwanted attention from the local government, which would not want to be seen as being unable to provide for its own people. But unfortunately for big companies like Nike the primary concern is money. ...read more.

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